Let me say this once and for all: Everything you can possibly think of giving someone for Christmas is on Lazada. I swear. I really swear. 

So the folks from Clozette invited me to do some shopping on the site, and I honestly took like forever to close the transaction because virtually everything is on Lazada! I honestly found myself browsing tables, shelves, induction cookes, frypans, makeup brushes, storage boxes, musical instruments, and basically anything and everything under the sun. I really was so amazed at how virtually any brand can be found on Lazada, and how there is a version of every item for every kind of budget. It may be easy to get lost in the website, but when I think of it, it's actually much easier to get lost in the site shopping than actually do the non-virtual thing.

Come to think of it, every brand has its own store, and as such one will need to make an effort to visit each store. Hopping from page to page on Lazada is actually going from one mall to another mall or standalone shop in real life. Or going from one wing to another wing of a mall. Given today's high degree of mall saturation and the extremely unbearable traffic, these kinds of activities aren't fun anymore. There is also the other challenge of bringing all the items home especially when Christmas gifts are involved, or when bulky items are involved--how do you actually bring that all home? I think that's where Lazada can really step in to shine. Like on a normal day it probably will not be as crucial, but this holiday season it can spell the difference between a happy and festive giftgiver and a haggard one. 

So today Im'ma talk about the items I got on the site!

Sooooo I was literally drowning in all the options and all the items when I figured that there are a lot of brands that have official Lazada stores. Lazada, if you may or may not know, is this platform that sells items of private sellers AND distributes products of conglomerates it is partnered up with. So there are items that are sold and fulfilled by Lazada and those sold and fulfilled by registered sellers in their network. 

Personally, in order to avoid holiday shopping hiccups, I would recommend to shop brands that have official shops on Lazada, like Nivea, Maybelline, Olay, Tresemmé, Pond's, and L'Oréal Paris. This is because the items from these stores are sold and fulfilled by Lazada, and as such usually come faster as they are more streamlined (given Lazada's vast warehousing infrastucture). You will see beside the item that there is a "sold and fulfilled by Lazada" written on it. 

One nice thing with official shops is that prices are certainly close to SRP as the manufacturer is the one backing the whole enterprise. They are also more participative with sales and discounts as they are backed by the big conglomerates they belong to. Such is the case with the official Maybelline store today as almost everything worth buying from the brand is like 30-50% off, no strings attached!!! 

BUUUUUT before you decide to only limit yourselves to items sold and fulfilled by Lazada, please know that from today till December 12 is the Lazada Online Revolution, and virtually everything worthy of buying this Christmas is undergoing a big sale! They got their sellers to partner with them to give the best deals, so even those items not fulfilled by Lazada are coming at you with big discounts. This screenshot is probably like 0.00002646% of the number of hot deals they have... 

And now, onto the actual haul! 

I got myself this Maybelline Pure Blush Mineral in Pink (Php399) to complement the other unit I have in the shade of Rose, which I acquired earlier this year. I was soooooo smitten by the uber cute brush applicator, and I really loved the appearance of the blush on me. It's subtle and shimmery so it looks light but gives you a nice highlight and glow. I wanted to get this one so that I could mix it with my Rose one and get a really nice coral pink shade. Rose is actually a pure coral shade, so to get to coral pink (which is my most favored family of blush color), I got this one. And weeell it's an excuse to get another baby brush so why not? 

And to jump in on the bandwagon, I got myself a tube of Maybelline's sought after Fit Me Concealer in the shade 30-Café (Php299). I got this for contouring purposes, though for some Pinays this might be the perfect concealer shade. I already ordered the same concealer in the Light shade and a bottle of foundation online so this was sort of meant to complete the collection. If I may say, though, it was quite sad to see my unit with many scratches. You know us makeup lovers and how much we want our makeup to look perfect in the tube and perfect on our faces... But other than that I was glad that since this is from the official store, I was sure that this is fresh stock. Given a lot of scandals I've seen lately, I am sometimes scared that some online sellers sell items waaay past their expiration dates... 

Aaand from the Pond's official store, I got myself this jar of Pond's Dewy Rose Cream. I have always been so curious about this product because it was supposedly the "new thing" after dewy rose gel. I've already tried the gel but I haven't tried the cream yet, so this should be interesting. I am also glad that this comes with its own SPF so it will really help out a lot as most of my makeup as of late don't come with any SPF.  
What was even crazier was that when I punched in my order, this was at a 50% off sale, so instead of Php445, I got this for Php222.50 instead! I have no idea what Pond's was commemorating at the time (I ordered on Oct. 29 and I was expecting everybody to be busy over Halloween and not skincare), but hey, 50% off is 50% off! 

The same is true for Pond's Dewy Rose Gel! It was also at 50% off on the day I shopped, from Php439 to Php219.50. I have already tried the trial version of this and I really liked the way this product performed, especially the fragrance. You can check out my review right here!
Buying this brought about a lot of fond memories. When I was interning in Unilever, I was once assigned to handle getting gift packs to Heart's presscon. It was suuuper busy in the office, so I was the one who packed each gift pack. Since she is a Pond's girl, Pond's gave out one of these to each of her guests (if I remember correctly she had 50 guests). But what I remember so vividly is how the Pond's intern and I were sighing as I packed every single jar of this as this is considered a high value item. Of all the jars of this I've handled, this is finally a jar that's mine. Huhu tama nang drama mga bes uwi na tayo. 

Okaaaay moving forward, did I mention that Nestlé has an official Lazada shop? It may not be as well stocked as how we would expect Nestlé to stock a typical supermarket, but at least all the flagship items are there! There are plenty of cereals and the Nescafé product line is almost complete, if not complete. There's also a lot of Cerelac for the moms who hate traffic, and even Nestlé cream for those who need to save their holidays with great salads! 

So I got the fambam this lot of 2 boxes of Fitnesse Honey and Almond (Php278). I don't eat cereal, but my family does. While shopping, I asked my mom if she wanted tables, chairs, or any appliances. And since we are undergoing a lot of renovation and changes at home right now, she just didn't want to handle the thought of more bulky items to stow away. She was like "Oh let's get food at least that'll truly be useful and once it's consumed it will not consume space here anymore." Honestly, if someone gives me Nestlé products for Christmas, I would be sooo excited. 

To be fair, the nice thing with grocery food is that it's something more or less everyone eats. You can always be sure that in every family, there is someone who will consume milk, coffee, cocoa, cereals, and juice. These items are always useful and will never upset any recipient, because even if the recipient doesn't take coffee for example, there is someone in the family who will surely love it. It's so much better than giving mugs or divisoria shirts that the recipient will throw straight to the rubbish bin. 

Aaaand another splurge from the Nestlé store is this bag of Bear Brand Adult+ Choco (Php260). I consider this a splurge as Adult+ is more expensive than the not Adult+ due to the added benefits and nutrients. I am honestly smitten by this because this tastes like childhood, like Milo actually. Everyone in the family takes cocoa so this is a universally loved item here. 

I honestly was just browsing around the site's main page for some hot deals when I got referred to this Guitar Stand (Php369 when I got it, SRP Php850)! My mom has been studying guitar since June this year so this kind of gave me an idea per se. Her guitar, when not in the bag, is often lying around on a bed or a couch. I am often scared that if someone accidentally sits without looking or accidentally falls onto the bed or couch the guitar is on, disaster will surely ensue. I asked her if she wanted one. She actually wasn't even so sure given that she started just this June. She used to practice for fun as a teenager but it's only very recently she got serious about it. We both decided to just go for it and see what happens. 

Since it was so cheap we had no expectations, but when it came, we were happy about it. It was not very sturdy and heavy duty, but it's structurally sound enough to support a guitar and generally not get tipped over. It was also made with new materials and didn't have any scratches or visible blemishes. Aaaand most of all, it's been a really big help to us. I don't have to worry so much about the guitar getting split into two by my big butt. All our beds and sofas can accommodate people now as none have to be used to place the guitar. Placing the guitar vertically instead of horizontally has saved a lot of space at home in general. Now this is a total steal. If you know someone who does guitar and doesn't have one of this yet, this will surely be something that will delight them this Christmas. 

Last but not the least, I got myself a baby Vaseline Lip Therapy Cocoa Butter jar (Php288)! This didn't make it to the flatlay nor the product shot because this came the latest! My items from Maybelline, Nestlé and Pond's came the day after I ordered them. I ordered on the night of October 29 and they were delivered on October 30th, morning time. The guitar stand came November 1 (I totally commend JBG sports store for making the effort to deliver on a holiday!!!), much to our surprise. This lip balm came on November 5, which isn't really so bad as it was just about a week after. This is not sold and fulfilled by Lazada and I was more or less expecting the owner to be off for the holidays, so this doesn't sound bad to me. But yeah, this is what I mean that if you want faster delivery times, you're more likely to get it when you shop items that are sold and fulfilled by Lazada. 

So as for this lip balm, this is by far the cuuutest thing I've ever seen in my whole life! It is sooo tiny, like it's smaller than a matchbox, so you really will squeal with delight. I am so excited to start using this productl 

So yaaay, that's it for this shopping spree! The whole transaction cost just Php2284, but as you've seen, with wise budgeting and an eye for sales, I was able to get 8 items from 5 brands! I know everyone wants to give the best presents, but of course we all have budgets to stick to, so it's really time to cling onto Lazada's hot deals for dear life. I like that I was able to get items that I'd need to go to like 4 stores for (I'd need to go to a music store for the guitar stand, to a US online seller for the Vaseline, to a grocery for the Nestlé and Pond's items, and to a department store for the Maybelline items) in one sitting without even leaving my house. Not to mention how much time I saved by not being stuck in traffic if I went to all these stores. And how much time I saved by not walking through slow holiday crowds. And for the items that are fulfilled by Lazada, shipping was crazy fast that it was literally like going to the mall myself without the hassles of going to the mall!

Thank you so much to Clozette and Lazada for changing the way I shop for my beauty must-haves, just in time for the holidays! Don't forget to read more about fashion and beauty so that you'll be ready to hoard when you shop! 

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