Merry Christmas from Zenutrients! In yet another very tita blog post, here we are with Zenutrients' holiday fare. If you are looking for tita gifts this Christmas, Sample Room is the place to go to easily get your Zenutrients items. Like you can go to Zenutrients' stores, but it'd be so convenient to send out three items at a time to a loved one. Who knows, you might convert your tita to be a Sample Room roommate this Christmas? 

So they thoughtfully sent a Lavender and Eucalyptus Bug Repellent Balm. Honestly this is a nice gift because every household seems to have its local herbal insect repellent balm. I also have my own fair share of citronella balms from other local brands. And it smells nice! It smells more like an aromatherapy product than an insect repelling product. Unlike citronella infused products, no one will ever know you're trying to ward off bugs because it smells so sossy. It smells like a mild concoction of coconut and lavender. Surprisingly, I could not find traces of eucalyptus in the fragrance of this product. 

This 50g tub is also very apt for many handbags of today. It's not very small, but it's compact enough to fit. It's normally the mom who carries the insect repelling stuff for the whole family, so the usual 10g citronella balms in the market will probably not cut it for the bug repelling needs of a family hahaha. 

BTW this is Php290, but can be acquired on Sample Room for 80 points. 

In yet another very sossy balm, they also sent in a very tiny and cute tub of their Strawberry Lip Butter. BTW when I say "they," I mean Sample Room through the efforts of the brand. But it's Sample Room who I talk to. 

But enough of thaaat, this is a very beautiful product. Like this is sooo cute to give out for the holidays because reasons. Like I have yet to see someone receive this for Christmas and be disappointed. 

Going down to the ingredients list, this boasts having Cocos nucifera (coconut) and Butyrospermum parkii (Shea) as its two key ingredients. This also has beeswax. Unfortunately, the strawberry fragrance and colors are only artificial. 

BTW this is a 15g jar that retails for Php170, but you can get it on Sample Room for 50 points. 

This isn't the usual white lip butter we have in mind because this is also meant to double as a lip tint. Perhaps this is not the best gift item for men given the tint, but for ladies I'm sure a lot of girls on your list will like this.  

And in order to make sanitizing sossy, they also sent over their Lavender All Around Spahnitizer. I swear this smells too good to be a hand sanitizer. This is better off as an air freshener. Unlike the balm, this actually smells more representative of Lavender and Eucalyptus. It's a very refreshing fragrance. 

This 50mL bottle retails for Php140, or you can get it from Sample Room for 40 points.

And moving forward, here are scans from their current catalogues. There are so many products that they have which I think will be very apt as Christmas presents. In order to save you from squinting, I'll just type the important information down. 

They have massage oils for sale:
Relaxing Lavender Massage Oil (Php358 for 250mL)
Ginger Special Blend Massage Oil (Php378 for 250mL)
Peppermint Single Blend Massage Oil (Php345 for 250mL) 

They have another Spahnitizier aside from the Lavender one and it's Ginger. It's also Php140 for a 50mL bottle. 

For those who were tired out by 2016's political events:
Muscle Mend Roll (Php140) 
Muscle Mend Balm (Php248 for a 50g balm)

Hair products for the tita in you:
Gugo Strengthening Shampoo (Php249 for 250mL bottle)
Gugo Strengthening Conditioner (Php260 for 200mL bottle)
Gugo Strengthening Hair Serum (Php499 for 40mL pump bottle)

 And here are their holiday sets. You would see a lot of products which have already appeared in the first catalogue. They're here again as they're in special bundle sets for the holidays.

Any 250mL shampoo+200mL conditioner is at Php459 (originally at more or less Php509)

Travel Set: Get two Spahnitizers for Php250 (Php280 value)
Repellent Set: Get a 100mL Eucalyptus and Lemongrass spray and 50g Lavender and Eucalyptus Balm for Php515

Virgin Coconut Set: Get a bottle of VCO and VCO balm for Php500
Pampering Scrub and Butter: Get any 100g body scrub and any 100g body butter for Php450
Body Care Set: Get a 100mL Ginger Green Tea & Eucalyptus Massage Oil and Green Tea and Olive Softening Body Scrub for Php449
Zen Anywhere: Lavender Reed Diffuser at Php498

For those who need a list of branches, here you go: 

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