This product is too good to be true. I swear. It's thin, wispy, and lightweight. It's comfy and nourishing. It packs soooo much color without the user even trying. And it's just Php279 for like a 1.5 inch long chubby stick of product! 

Is there anything that Silkygirl actually can't do? Like seriously? I like how the brand always understands the concerns of people in tropical countries and creates products that people in Southeast Asia will like. I honestly am eyeing their fragrances as they have plenty of expensive smelling perfumes for under 300... Imma hoard and tell you dolls what happens... 

But before that, today's review is all about this new addition to Silkygirl Philippines' roster of goodies. In case you were wondering, they're working I think to sell online, but they do have stalls in Landmark and Robinsons. 

So packaging wise, this looks like a chubby stick. But of course, it helps that the back part of each tube reflects the color of the shade for easy storage and use. 

This collection has 6 shades.

And this is how the sticks look up close. The colors they have are very vibrant.

So before we get down to the shades, here is my feedback: 
Shade Selection: The six shades are a good representation of most of the common colors women will want nowadays. Color wise, I feel that the shades are commonly seen, nothing extremely unique. But it's a very good representation of the spectrum. Every user is bound to find something in this collection, more so if one is willing to mix colors. 

Color Payoff: This honestly doesn't have the color payoff of a balm. This has the color payoff of a vibrant lipstick. The colors are as vivid on the user as they are on the tube. It's very nice to see something in balm form have this much of color payoff. Normally we envision balms to be mostly transparent, save for some balms that throw in tints. But it more or less boils down to a watered down color on the lips; it usually doesn't get as vibrant as this. If you want to look like you're wearing lipstick even when you're not, this is the best. 

Pigmentation: Pigmentation is crazy. This may be a balm, but it really just doesn't act like one, pigmentation wise. This goes on so opaquely that this is reaaally something that will count as lipstick. This is the exact opposite of the sheer products that come to mind when colored lip balm is mentioned. It's usually glossy and sheer. But this goes on opaquely as soon as one swipes it. It can cover imperfections on the lips very quickly. It doesn't take so many swipes to get this product to be the opaque and vivid miracle it is. 

Texture: This is a very thin and wispy formula. This is perhaps not as emollient as what one would expect for a lip balm. This barely feels like it's on. To some, it may feel haunting to not feel anything much, because we kinda have this mental image of lip balm being this petroleum jelly like substance that goes on thickly and really makes a presence. But the nice thing is that this doesn't have a very waxy feel to it, nor does it feel powdery or chunky.

Since this goes on so thinly and yet goes on opaquely, one is bound to use one tube for a veeeery long time coz like everytime I use this, it's like barely anything was reduced off the tube. It's like it's still brand new. If I were to use my other chubby sticks the same number of times, I think I'd already finish at least 0.5cm off the tube.  

Comfort: Like I said above, for those who are not into heavy products, this lightweight product is perfect for you. For those who are used to using perhaps petroleum jelly or very thick lip balms, this may need some getting used to as it reaaally is sooo thin and wispy that it's barely there feels wise. Like you know it's there coz it's already so opaque, but feels wise it's like you've just made one swipe. The moment it's newly applied may feel like when a different lip balm is about to dry (like the feeling you get 1 hour later) because it's so wispy, so that may be something to note. It depends on the person, but to me, it is "slippery" enough to not bother me. 

However, this is a godsend for those who hate lip balms that leave a taste to the tongue. This is not waxy, not grainy, and not greasy, most importantly. It doesn't leave this kind of waxy or petroleum jelly like rancidness to the tongue after usage, and I really appreciate that about this product. 

Longevity: Since this is thin and wispy, this stays moist for about 1-2 hours only. However, you would barely feel the need to reapply often as this leaves a very strong tint, especially for the more vivid shades. Or perhaps one way to describe it is like it "sets" into this "tattoo" on the lips, and then it doesn't move when it does dry and set. This also feels nourishing and can help with chapped lips in the tropical setting (I have other weapons for when it's very cold), so it does leave its mark in this sense.

Value For Money: At Php279 for a 1.5inch stick that will take forever to use, I'd say this ain't a bad deal anymore. I do see myself getting this because I like the powderless feel to the formula. I also like that it's so opaque that this can really be the finishing touch to one's look. 

Overall Feedback: This is the perfect product for those who want a lipstick that's truly hydrating and comfortable. This is also for those who are into lip balms but want something different from the usual pale shades that balms come in. This will really please those who don't want a bad taste in their tongues and those who don't want a powdery feel to their lip products. 

So yaaay, let's get down to each shade! They're all so pretty so I'm excited to talk about them! 

This is your ultimate brownish pink shade. Call it mauve without the purple, or mocha with a touch of pink. This is a neutral brown at its base enhanced with what I would characterize as a cool pink. Or imagine your creamy latte turned into lipstick with a hint of pink. The name is very descriptive already. 

Very literal shade name, but this is more on coral pink rather than just coral alone (which would be redder and orange-ier). I regret not being able to fully show the perkiness of this shade as this reaaally is a veeeery sassy shade. 

Yet again Silkygirl wows us with a red that's vibrant, flattering and gets the right kind of attention. There are plenty of reds in the makeup world, but not all of them are as wearable as this one is. Very Pinay friendly. At its core I'd call it a mostly neutral red save for some bluish undertones. 

Very literal name for this one. Literally a beautiful dusty rose. This also counts under the vocabulary of "old rose" and "muted pink" if you ask me. 

Given that all the shade names are very descriptive I had to google Poppy because I don't know how it looks like hahahaha. I only know poppy seeds, not poppy flowers. Anyways, this is the orange entry to the collection. Not an orange person so I can't vividly describe this hahaha. 

This is a beautiful wine shade, as the name implies hahaha. This could also count as plum to some people. It's basically a purplish fuchsia if I'm even making sense, but this looks like a hot pink infused with dark purple, not the other way around. 

To sum it all up, here you go! 

Be sure to also add this to your roster of Christmas gifts to buy! Very affordable and prettyyyyy

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