Korean products always make me giddy!!! ALLLLL DAAAA TIME OKAY!!! I did not expect to receive a Christmas gift from AGC (aka the exclusive distributor of Etude House, Tony Moly, Leaders, and the holding company behind Yoree and Boulangerie 22) because they did have a Christmas party but I wasn't able to attend. I was sooooo shocked when I came home to a package from them!!! They didn't have to and yet they did, it's so sweet of them. So for this post I'll be showing what they sent as well as explaining some of the other products from their brands which I have been loving as of late or would like to talk about. I think 2016 was not a very strong K-beauty year in my blog as I covered more Western brands. I hope 2017 can help me reach a balance. 

So for the photo above, clockwise from left, here are the items:
Super Peeling Liquid, Tony Lab AC Control Emulsion, Tony Moly Kiss Lover Lip Master (Sexy Red), Black Sugar Scrub, Honey Moisture Cream Pikachu Edition, Tony Nail Lover (50-Pink Flamingo), 2x Eye-Face Cream, Cristal Blusher (03-Pleasure Peach), and Banana Sleeping Pack.

For the photo below, here are the items:
In the box (L-R, Up to Down): My Beauty Tool Twin cotton pads, Belle Dress Lady Look Shower Cologne, Photo Hair Liner (Light Brown), Moistfull Collagen Peeling Wash, Petit Bijou Cologne, and Moistfull Collagen Sleeping Pack. Play 101 Blending Pencils.
Beside the bag (L-R, Up to Down): Pink Skull Palette, Look At My Eyes Empty Palette, Assorted Look At My Eyes Eyeshadows..
Above the bag (L-R, Up to Down): Play 101 Stick (13, 10), Look At My Eyes empty palette, Play 101 Stick 00, Pink Wish Tree lip balm set, Back To School samples box

Not included in the flatlays are the lovely masks they sent over from Leaders! I knowww Leaders may be a bit hard to find, but be patient because as with Tony Moly and Etude House, they are working hard to put the brand in more stores nationwide. Just give them some time to do it. 

Gifts from AGC are always going to be precious because they always send over limited edition items. Attending Etude House sponsored events is mega fun because they also give out limited edition items in events. 

The box is quite big, and the actual items include 2 Play 101 Blending and a limited edition Dear My Universe bag. 

Yaaaay thank you for my bag!!! 

I also received two Play 101 Blending Pencils. 

I got #20, which is a red shade. 

And #5, a contouring shade. 

From Tony Moly, I got yet another bottle of the AC control emulsion. They gave me a bottle 3 years ago and I love how stable this product is. It's one of the few products you can use with peace of mind even with a breakout. It's very good in giving the skin a moisturizing boost without the oil. That matters a lot.

I have yet to try this Eye-Face cream they sent over!!! I love using a lot of Tony Moly's skincare and this is going to be great, for sure. I am currently crazy over the Honey Cream (the Pikachu tub) because it's sooo gooey and hearty that my skin is so plump all the time. It's like faking having slept for 3 days in 1 application. It's just thaaat good.

I received yet another sample of their Kiss Lover Lip Master. This is a very pretty tint for Pinay skintones as this is a warm chilli red tint.

It's obvious in the photo that I'm on gel but this'll nonetheless be a great addition to my family's nail polish collection. I may know how to do 3D gel but I'm the only one in the family in the system because they prefer normal nail polish. 

So yaaay thank you AGC for a fruitful year and for this lovely present! 

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