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  1. Unknown says

    Personally I am a fan of the Listerine Cool Mint or either the Orahex as sorethroat has been my bestfriend. A clean and refreshing feeling is what I feel after using Listerine mint flavor so it has been my mouthwash for everyday use. I got a little curious seeing in your post that there is a new variant to Listerine which focuses on reducing stain formation. I myself loves to eat so I need something to clean up my yellowish teeth with a toothpaste and it needs a friend to help the job become easier, a mouthwash. I am excited to try this Healthy white natural lemon & salt variant once my last bottle of Listerine goes out.

  2. Sam Aguilar says

    I love listerine! I can't end a day without using it, di naman p sa maarte ako ah, I just really feel needed ko yan gamitin everyday kasi feeling ko kapag tootbrush lng di enough eh, feeling ko di malinis bibig ko..nakasanayan ko na rin po tlga eh, listerine user ako for almost 4 years…once a day po tlga ang gamit ko nyan..maganda po yan ah, d ko pa yan nagamit new flavor nila..gotta try that!

  3. Anonymous says

    Cj P Laurio-Yan yung masarap na listerine kung titingnan makucurios ka sa sea salt pero masarap pla lasa nya para ka lng kumakain ng kendi hehe

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