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  1. Sam Aguilar says

    Super gorgeous! bagay na bagay po saiyo madam mari ganyang hairstyle! you look more young again po! ako tlga ngpapahaba ako ng hair as of now and really nghahanda and tumitingin po ng mga hair treatments like pang kulay and gusto ko po kasi mgpacurl ng hair, maiba naman..Gusto ko tlga ung treatment na after a month di mgdadry hair ko..and siyempre mga at home solutions or DIY solutions para magain ung smoothness, kinang at iwas hairfall na mga treatment for our hair after salon..

  2. Katie Seyls says

    I love the result! You looked younger with your new hair! Your hair looks healthy and bouncy! I had diy ombre hair with purple few years back. Didn't experience the brassiness, but it went all dry at the ends. Everytime I comb my hair, it feels crunchy when i reaches the ombre part of my hair.
    I'll keep these process in my mind if ever I'll go for a bold hair color. Thanks for sharing this! Love you!

  3. Michele de Guia Ereño says

    Wow! Ang ganda Ms. Mari, mas healthy looking na ang hair mo full of life. Unlike before it wasn't treated. For a change un hair color nakakasawa din un blonde color. It suits you perfectly!

  4. Unknown says

    Ang ganda ng outcome at lalung mas maganda kasi hndi na nakakadagdag ng damage s hair. Ms Mari, wala po b stinging sensation during application?

    • Doll Up Mari says

      Wala! That's the best part lalo na sa dami ng pinagdaanan ng ulo ko. While scalp sensitivity varies from person to person, ideally kung ano ang usual na nafefeel mo yun lang rin ang mafefeel mo even with Fibreplex added in

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