Yaaay, so today is yet another rave episode for Céleteque's eyeshadow quads!!! I am just soo happy with the quality of this collection overall, and I'm super happy about owning all the shades! Owning the three quads is like buying 9 new professional quality matte shades. So buttery and easy to work with! 

This is yet another quad that my mom loves so much because it has all the warm browns that most people are likely to use everyday. In general, I find these shades to be quite unique given that most brands explore the mahogany side to browns, not so much the sienna shades like these. 

So let's get started with this review! 

Before everything, this is my technical feedback for the whole collection:

Shade Selection: This collection comes in 3 quads, a warm browns quad, a pink and brown combo, and a smokey grey and black quad. The shades are mostly matte, with the exception of some satiny ones. All quads come with 3 eyeshadows, with an eyeshadow primer balm, a highlighting shade, and two eyeshadow shades. I personally like the shade selection for the whole collection because all the shades in this collection are super wearable and basic. No crazy colors that will end up unused. Everything is practical and flattering on many skintones. Regardless of which quad you end up buying, all the shades are bound to be useful.

I personally hate it when brands pair up useful browns and mauves with crazy lime shades in a palette, because we all know that the lime one will end up untouched even when the browns hit the pan. I want palettes and quads that are either all crazy or all tame so that there is a recurring theme.

Color Payoff: I was suuper impressed that the colors of these eyeshadows translate so well from the pan! I usually have issues with eyeshadows with monochromatic shades because if the quality is not good, the shades will end up looking the same. With this collection, monochromatic shades look discernible when swatched.

Pigmentation: These eyeshadows are high in pigmentation. I hate it when I blend eyeshadows and then the intensity waters down. I also have a hard time looking for matte shades that appear well. But these eyeshadows reach a good level of intensity fairly easily, and do not water down once blended. I can see each color properly on my eyes as I apply them despite the shades being mostly matte. The primer is a big help, but I was so impressed that even without the primer, this still works as how I want it to. This also works well with my other primers, so I appreciated that part, too.

Texture: These eyeshadows are buttery, soft, and easy to work with. These are not chalky and will pose little to no problems to people who are sensitive towards fallout. This also doesn't have much fallout in general, and will not dust off brushes prematurely as they have a good cling on the skin. The primer feels like a soft balm and is the right balance of being just the right kind of moist and sticky. It's thin, wispy, and doesn't feel oily or heavy.

Longevity: I used this for roadtests, but my mom ended up using this everyday now. I can say for sure that when she applies this in the morning, I still see her with eyeshadow at the end of the day. She likes to use the built in primer as it helps to prevent fallout. She has taken these quads to the salon on several occasions because she loves her makeup being done with this collection. And thus far, regardless of what the makeup artist does with these shadows (I'm not sure if they use the primer or not), they last on her all day. On myself, I saw no fading issues whatsoever. Even as I was blending other shades into my looks, these eyeshadows would stay put.

Value For Money: Each quad is at Php725 and I know it sounds so expensive given that there are plenty of brands that can give more eyeshadows at the same price. Heck, if you go to the flea market 700 may already get you a 100 shade palette. But what differentiates this is quality and practicability. The eyeshadows reaaally are very very buttery and pigmented especially for matte ones. And all the shades are the shades that we'd normally like to use for everyday. If you're tired of wasting so much time every single day repiling and repiling your cheap eyeshadows on because they keep on fading as you go, then you would reaaally want this collection in your life. This will save you so much time because they blend easily and pack intensely. I do believe that you would need to buy your brushes to maximize these shadows because the applicator it comes with will not bring out the greatness of the shadows. The typical foam applicator and baby brush applicator will not do justice to these shadows. And personally, I thought that given the price, they could have thrown in a nicer applicator. But if the shadows are to be talked about, they're worth every penny.

Overall Feedback: These are professional quality eyeshadows and I am so impressed. I threw out all my first impressions off the window when I got to try this. I reaaally thought that since these are hypoallergenic and stuff that they'd be bland, unpigmented and chalky. But they're the opposite of all the stereotypes I put on them! These shadows are comparable to MAC and Urban Decay, and once you think of it that way, given that MAC and Urban Decay charge the same price for 1 eyeshadow, this is already a steal for an eyeshadow quad with mirror.

And now that that's done, these are yet again photos of the box in case you need the information. I am soooo sorry that it's so bright and reflective! 

Up close this is how the quad looks like. The upper left one is the primer.

The first is this beige color. I like how it looks beige on the swatch and doesn't water down to an off  white.

Then there is this raw sienna color. This, thus far, for me, is among the prettiest shades in the collection!!!

And then there is this dark chocolate brown shade. This is ashier than the one in the Pink Orchid quad despite being more or less the same in darkness levels.

To show the primer at work, on the left is a one time swatch without the primer, and on the left with the primer. By one time swatch, it means I rubbed the eyeshadow then swiped it once. I am soo impressed already with how much pigment is translating to the swatch in one swipe even without the primer! The primer just makes everything even better.

So this is me in action with this product! I'm using the primer this time. I love how it does not smudge or drag the existing makeup I may have on my eyelids.

I proceed to use my Sigma E35 brush to do a diffused application of the beige color all over my crease area up until a little bit below the eyebrows.

And now I'm using my Sigma E25 brush, which is still a fluffy brush, but is smaller in size, so that I can use the raw sienna shade.

I'm using the raw sienna shade on the crease and on the outer V. But I'm using a buffed application so that it doesn't look too strong.

Now, still using my E25 brush, I liiiiiiightly grab some pigments off of the daaark brown shade. This is a very pigmented palette, so for the dark shades, care must be taken so as to not get too much color all at once.

I usethe chocolate brown color on the outer half of my crease, but this time, it's a controlled application such that it really just defines my crease line and doesn't go any higher.

And I proceed to mix the sienna and brown shade on the outer half of my lower lashline.

This is how it looks like with all the makeup done. I am so happy that I didn't spend so much time on eyeshadow because these apply vividly and blend easily. There is nothing more annoying than having to go back and forth and back and forth with your eyeshadows just because they keep on fading during the blending process.

The end result is soft looking eyeshadow that doesn't look messy or dirty. I am so delighted.

Beee sureee to try these babies in store! I am suuure you will love them, too!

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