After a yeaaaar!!! I received my first sample of L'Oréal's Infallible Pro Matte powder in ike March or April last year. Wow I can't believe it took me a year to churn out a review even when I already had a clear verdict and evaluation in my mind over this product hahaha.

So yaaay, let's get down to the review before everything!  

Shade Selection: This has 5 shades, which sounds pretty normal for a powder. I'm neutral on the selection of shades. 

Pigmentation: This powder leans more on the translucent side. While the color of the powder is discernible and does contribute to coverage once applied, this is not the crazy pigmented powder that we typically see being used on beauty pageant aspirants. This powder is a good gift item because it applies sheerly enough that you can make a mistake in terms of shade and the recipient will still be able to use it without any problems. 

Texture: This, as what I've been describing all this time, is a soft, wispy, and silky powder. This doesn't feel chunky in any manner, and when you put this on, it feels like lightly dusting a more mature version of baby powder. It doesn't feel like a heavy 2-way cake powder. The resulting effect is velvety silky skin that when you take your selfies, it's like you're using a selfie filter even when you're not. 

Comfort: Because this is so thin and wispy, this feels very, very comfortable. It never feels heavy throughout the day. It also doesn't cake on me, so I never have a gunky or sticky feeling. I super love traveling with this powder because I always look selfie ready with this powder as my skin never feels gunky. It's also a confidence booster in its own light because I dunno if it's just me, but I feel that the feeling that my makeup is caking is a major major confidence killer. 

Longevity: This, thus far, cannot last till 16 hours without a retouch in our climates, especially if you have super oily skin like I do. I think it'll last for 16 hours if you live in a suuuper dry and wintery climate. With this powder, I find myself retouching several times a day, every 3-4 hours or so. So if I'm judging it in the aspect of not needing to retouch, this just will not last 16 hours without needing a retouch. 

But if the metric is how long this stays fresh on the face, yes, it passes the 16 hour test with flying colors. This is such a gem in the aspect that I can just pile and pile this on, and at the end of the day, my makeup still looks fresh and pretty. My makeup doesn't look blotchy even after a whole day of using this. Like you can come look at me 12 hours after first application (but with proper retouch) and at the 12th hour, you'd never have guessed that my makeup is already on for 12 hours. It'd look freshly applied. So while this is not hulas proof, this is chaka proof. 

With plenty of other powders, I feel that there is this unwritten threshold. Like after X number of hours on me, my makeup just starts to look blotchy and oily, and my pores are badly magnified. And that after that threshold, no matter how much retouching I do, my makeup will just not magically freshen up anymore and the only remedy left is to erase all my makeup and start over. This powder doesn't have that threshold. It just stays fresh from the moment you apply it till you get it off. 

Value For Money: This retails for Php600 a pop, which I think is arguably difficult to gauge. On one hand, I reaally feel that this has a superiorly pretty effect that my makeup never looks caked on even after many hours and many retouches. This stays fresh all day and I think that it's really onto something. But I will be realistic, too, that this powder's price is enough to buy me 3-4 compacts of cheaper brands. And there's also the aspect that it's sooo easy to use up this powder because it's so thin and wispy that you will tend to apply more. You will also tend to retouch a lot, so you can expect to use this powder up in a short amount of time. I feel that this is a good investment, but perhaps to make the most off of the investment, perhaps reserve this for when you need the benefits the most (i.e. special occasions, travel, visits to places with no air conditioning). 

Overall Feedback: I feel that in the world of very heavy two way cake powders, this is a shining gem in terms of texture and longevity. This feels lighter than its counterparts, but keeps makeup fresh for longer. This is a good purchase for people who are willing to retouch often in exchange for fresh looking makeup all day. 

Okaaay now that's done, this is what I mean by no shade issues. I have 200 and 300, Natural Beige and Nude Beige respectively. 200 is visibly darker in real life, but as you can see in this photo, you'd have to look harder to see the difference. This is why this is not very shade specific and this is a good pa-impress gift as it's hard to get the wrong shade. 

This is my shade 300, which I've been using since last year. This is why I've hit the pan already. 

This powder compact has a second compartment with the mirror and a sponge. But I never used the sponge for this. I have used brushes for this through and through. I feel that sponges somehow exacerbate powder caking issues, which is why I've always used brushes with this one. And since it sort of just grew into habit, I didn't want to dirty the sponge so whenever I used a sponge with this one, I used different sponges anyways hahaha.

This is the product guide printed out on the back. So it's meant to be matte, 16HR, and air fine. The ingredients are also printed here.

This is me with the powder heavily swatched. 

And this is the swatch up close with the exposure turned down so you can actually see it on me. You can see that it contributes some coverage, but still looks natural.

This is me using the product to set my Infallible Foundation. The shade that got sent to me was 2-3 shades darker, which is why I apologize if it looks awkward or weird in any way. 

Up close, it has a very natural feel. It's thin and wispy that it has matte effect, but the powder doesn't look chalky on me. There's a silky, velvety appearance. This is an actual photo that I did not have to airbrush, this is really just how nice the texture is.

It looks matte from afar, but never cakey up close, and this is why I am trying very hard to not use too much of this product too soon haha. 

I'm sure you've tried this already at this point. What do you guys feel about this? 

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