Following the extreme success of Ever Bilena's foray into EB Big Beauty Challenge comes this new step. If you will look back at their blogger competition, it truly was a testament of how the competition was such an effective way of marketing. All of a sudden, the very common, everyday items from EB suddenly became tools to equip the participants to create the craziest, most imaginative, and the grandest Avant Garde looks we've seen so far. We sort of always know in the back of our minds that Ever Bilena can be bought anywhere and everywhere and can be relied on for the staples we'd need for everyday looks. But lo and behold, their foray into blogger competitions proved that the brand can push the envelope.  

I'm not sure about since when did they start using the "Where Beauty Begins" slogan, but with that competition and this event, the slogan totally makes sense. For this event, they invited the press and media to play, experiment, and inadvertently, see for themselves how EB can be the brand to reach for when you want to up the ante. 

I was here an hour early because well traffic is crazy and also because I had an idea I would not be able to swatch properly if I went later. 

On the walls are posters of the EB girls sporting the different looks that EB's creative team came up with. They have looks exploring bold brows, pink eyeshadow, Igari look, 1990's looks, and more or less it takes off from there. Each guest was asked to select a look which resonates with them, or a look that they'd like to try.

It's easy to see that EB is not just for everyday look, office lady look, wedding guest look, or student look.

There was a good display of EB items for sale and in buffet style for us to use on our looks. 

They had a lot of makeup stations and everyone had fun experimenting. 

More importantly, though, they have a loooot of suuuper impressive products coming in stores this August! 

Christine and this pretty lady in black wasted no time swatching and trying out the new items. They are releasing new mascaras, highlighters, and 2 liquid lipstick lines. They will now have a lip cream in LTD and a more formal kind of liquid lipsticks that set on your lips with the two new releases they'll be having.

Later on in the afternoon, it was this busy here.  

For my look, I used EB's Uncover Palette. 

I also tried out EB Advance Lash Define mascara. This is very amusing!!! It has two sides! So it has your usual mascara wand and all...

But on the other side of the tube is this special wand for applying mascara to the bottom lashes. Craaaaay!!! This formula is so far nice as per my first impressions. There was no eyelash curler on hand during the event so I wasn't able to try out how it fares when it comes to curl keeping, but as per what I experienced, I was able to layer on 3 coats with no clumps!

This is how it turned out! I went for Inspiring Muse, which basically more or less is what I already do most of the time. It's a soft pinkish look on the eyes and the lips, medium darkness brows, and a pretty glow. I am using their blush here. 

Okaaay going back to the new releases, this is one of their new releases!!! Such beautiful colors. They really explored a lot with the two new collections and churned out colors which have not been explored so well in the LTD and the existing Liquid Lipstick lines they have. 

For those who are looking for a pretty greige color that's easy to find, be sure to check out this shade Aura when it hits stores. I know it's a struggle for those who want greige shades to find greige (greyish beige), so I'm sure this'll excite you!!! I'll be doing more headshot posts as I go, so don't worry patikim pa lang ito.

This is the other new liquid lipstick line they're having. This is a reaaaal liquid lipstick now. It's not just a matte lip cream, it literally is what a strict definition of liquid lipstick is. It's not a drill!!! They explored a lot of reddish and burgundy leaning shades, perhaps to complement the mauve tones of their LTD line. I already have a full swatch and headshot post of this so be sure to check it out!

And as for the highlighter, I was sooo impressed as it was comparable to Anastasia!!! Very bright and in your face. For the people who want something more dramatic in their lives, or want new pretty eyeshadows, their highlighters will surely impress.

Aaaand I thought I'd just include it here! For those who are looking for swatches of EB Uncover palette, here you go. In general, I admit this is a little chalky compared to other UD dupes, but in general the color payoff is decent enough that with the right primers, this will easy to work with. The price is soooo affordable that this will be a very good starting point for a lot of makeup beginners. 

 And this is my other photo! I always like myself better when I'm smiling like this. Despite what others might think, I like wide mouthed smiles. So yeah I'll put that here, too.

I will be back with more of the swatches!!! Indeed, Ever Bilena is pushing the envelope with each release they're doing, and I'm so excited as I witness each one.