At least!!! 2018 kahit papaano! One step closer to ending Mari's extreme backlog 2018! It's already eligible to be a hashtag of its own, I just don't want it to be a hashtag wahahaha. 

But the more important thing is that I went to Watsons' event for the new year! (Kaloka new year pa yun Mari ano na). I thought that nonetheless, a lot of the things they recommended in this event are applicable for a Cinderella transformation all year round. Honestly, I myself stopped doing New Year's resolutions ages ago because I didn't want to hinge change in just the new year. I've always thought that if there was something I wished to change about my life, or a new journey to embark on, I shouldn't waste any time getting down to it. 
After a looong time I went to SM Aura again! Hmmm the last time I remember being here was in 2016. I am thinking hard right now but I just can't think of any event I attended here in 2017.

They highlighted a lot of supplements! For one, Belo has its Glutathione+Collagen pills, as well as collagen powder. They also have Now brand Psyllium Husk capsules for fiber. There's also COSMO Body L-Carnitine+Green tea pills, among others.

Even as early as January, they placed much emphasis on sun care, hence highlighting a lot of sunscreens. Bioré has a lot of sunscreens in their range, as well as Belo and Nivea.

Watsons has gone from just a drugstore to the ultimate beauty destination in the past few years, so of course, they featured a lot of the makeup for sale as well. Maybelline (not pictured) and L'Oréal have great foundations for the summer heat. IN2IT has a lot of affordable makeup offerings. On the other hand BYS has a wide range of base makeup, and has primers for sale as well.

For this year, for hair, I promised myself to dye as little times as possible. I dyed my hair back to black last February so I wouldn't have to worry about the regrowth anymore. I dyed my hair too many times in the past 2 years (I think more than 12 times in the past 2 years alone), that my hair has halved its past thickness due to over dyeing. So let me be the one to say that experimentation is good, but also in moderation.

I haven't tried Revlon hair color, but thus far L'Oréal hair color and Liese have worked wonders for me. When used properly and spaced out several months in usage, these two brands will not pose much damage to the hair. Just don't imitate me and overdo it. Unfortunately, when you're a blogger, you do headshots so often under really harsh lighting that when you do dye your hair, you end up dyeing and dyeing it more than the usual because even the slightest regrowth shows up so strikingly in photos. You can correct a lot of things with makeup, but for hair, it really will just show. That's how I ended up dyeing my hair almost every month when usually, it should be spaced quarterly.   

I was really delighted to see this lovely grazing table! Usually for events, we're already very happy when there's food. And then when it's set up this nicely, we're of course even happier. When the food is really good, we're the happiest. Thank you First Tier for the lovely pasta! How'd you guys know I was stuck in the dungeon (aka house cleaning) for the whole of December?

And the ice cream! The ice cream! Sorry if I'm this excited, but we don't really get to have legit treats like ice cream at events a lot. This is really an event in itself.

As for the booths, the folks from Neutrogena were here to mainly promote the Neutrogena Fine Fairness light mask. If you guys might recall, I did a review of this awhile back. I did discuss in my blog post that they really did find brightening and anti aging effects from IR and red light exposure, which is why this product is definitely more than just a gimmick! 

For best results, still, this must be used with the entire Fine Fairness skincare range. 

Snow Skincare also had a booth. ICYMI, I also did a feature on their Crystal White Tomato range! 

BYS was also present with a booth and gave out free makeovers to guests.

An interesting thing I tried was Pantene's hair score test! I knew my hair was in bad shape, and I wanted to know how bad, which is why I tried the test. I love Pantene so much, especially 3 Minute Miracle, but for quite some time, my hair simply would wash out all the color onto it and become this brassy blonde, 2 weeks after each dye job. This is why I had to stick a lot to color freezing haircare, even if they might not be the best against damage.

As expected, I scored 56%, out of 100! In all five aspects of softness, shine, strength, resilience, and moisture, my hair had lackluster (pun intended) performance. I asked them if they actually have been able to measure someone's head and yield a high score, and yes, they did! People with virgin hair that have not gone through any chemical process usually scored 90% or better.

Anw now for the curious folks who are wondering as to how this process works, they have this handheld device that they stick onto your hair. This is Genzel modeling the device for me wahaha.

For this event, Dr. Hayden Kho also gave a talk on how God became his source of renewal and transformation. Since the event was all about self-improvement, he thought of speaking about nourishing one's inner self with God's love and presence. Since people can essentially Google the benefits of Belo's pills anyways, he spent the time talking about something different. 

Gretchen Ho was also present at this event to talk about Neutrogena's Fine Fairness mask.

As for selfies, here I am with my super beloved Isha. 

And Mother Earth. 

And the queen of SEO, Kaycee. (oo mamsh ikaw talaga wala nang iba).

So yaaaay, at least I got to talk about it finally! 

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