Welcome back to Mari's great 2017-2018 backlog crisis!!! HUHU I was suuuper excited to post about this launch as I was able to see a lot of vlogger friends after a long time. But I got reaaally busy with work, rushing lots of things. This is how this backlog came to be. 

But before I narrate the whoooole beginning of my backlog, here we are at Ra and Gowoori's grand launch! They rented out TriNoma's 4th floor activity area (near the cinema) for this event. Just to clarify, this launch is to launch the brand's arrival in the Philippines, but it will not have a shop at TriNoma's 4th floor.  

The event was highly anticipated among YouTube fans as a lot of vloggers were coming, and a lot of them decided to squeeze in little meet and greets with their event appearance. 

To entertain guests before the program started, they had a giant Yut game set up, but this time the setup is Ra and Gowoori themed.

And let's talk about the products! In Korea, Ra and Gowoori has like 10000 items covering skincare and makeup, but for the Philippine release, they decided to bring in the items most relevant to people who are suffering from the tropical climate (a.k.a. all of us living here hehehe).

Their foam cleansers are Php390 for 120mL tubes. The Charcoal variant helps to remove whiteheads and blackheads without drying the skin. The Green Tea variant is for lessening redness and inflammation brought about by acne. The White Rice variant is mainly for brightening dull skin.

Their Real Kill 9.9 toners retail for Php580 per bottle. Their Whitening Toner mainly aims to go deep to get rid of dark pigments, and does so without irritating the skin as it is alcohol free. Their Collagen Toner is also alcohol free, and has rosehips, helping to moisturize the skin and make it bouncy.

Their Real Kill 9.9 creams are relatively affordable at Php550 for 50g (in real life they're big for the price!). Their Horse Oil cream contains horse oil from Jeju island, and this helps the cream to form a protective layer on the skin. By having a protective layer, this prevents moisture from leaving the skin. Their Whitening Cream serves already quite an obvious purpose, but the unobvious purposes are that this can be used as a primer before makeup! 

As for the program proper, Ra and Gowoori's CEO Lee Eung Kwan raises a toast to all the guests. Ra and Gowoori has had a looooongtime history, as it was essentially a family business he inherited. The business has evolved in  many ways, from product offerings to branding, to be the Ra and Gowoori brand we know of today. This is why even though Ra and Gowoori may sound new, the Lee family has had extensive knowledge in running a beauty business.

As for the vloggers portion, go Nanay Isha! With moral support from Anna Cay ahihihi. Isha shared that as a mom, even if she wanted to, she can't really religiously do the famed 10-step Korean skincare routine, given all the things she needs to do as a vlogger, businesswoman, and homemaker. She shared how and why Ra and Gowoori fits right smack into her lifestyle. With the foam cleansers, toners and creams, alongside the peeling gel, she already has a reliable skincare routine of products that are high quality. And of course, at the same time, it's also less confusing and easier to keep up with, if you're just using a few key products instead of 100000 steps.

A lot of people came to see her! Fans went wild when she arrived at the venue.

CEO Lee translated for the super pretty spokesmodel. The model shared that aside from good skincare, she really commits herself to drinking a lot of water. It sounds so clichéd or common, but I get it when people talk about water! I remember in high school that I had to bring about 4L of water to school everyday, while my classmates could barely even finish a 500mL bottle. There really are people who struggle to take more than 500mL of water a day, so it's really hard for them to keep up with the 2L recommended intake. I know it's hard to commit to 2L for a lot of people so it's important to really monitor one's intake.

Leftmost on this photo are Saeli Lee and her husband Lee Sang In, Philippine distributors of Ra and Gowoori. Saeli is also a proud collaborator on a lot of the projects. They are joined by Anna and Isha, the spokesmodel, and CEO Lee.

Saeli spoke about how this brand is Pinoy at heart. A lot of you guys may know her as the ultimate K-Beauty online distributor queen here in the Philippines for several years now. This has put her in a strategic position of having extensive knowledge on K-beauty product selections, and at the same time, Pinoy tastes and preferences. This balance is important, as not every Korean product or formulation will suit Filipino needs and tastes.

And that's it for the program! 

Really happy to have had a selfie with Saeli! I really admired her entrepreneurial savvy from way back. Who knows, I might be a SMYLee angel soon? We'll see hehehe. I want to sell things and have a business in general, but well, I'm gonna super busy with school again, so I'm not sure if the schedule will permit. 

Blurry, but I'm with L-Isha Soberano hehehe. 

And the Patrickstarrr of the Philippines, Charlie! 

And the one whose dress I loved so much, Hazel Quing. 

Also saw Ansherina this time! The last time I saw her was E Bloggers Ball 2017 so that was really a long time ago. 

And with my fabulous eyeshadow ladies, Helen and Bing! Huhu why can't I be as tall as Bing guys I'm already wearing 4inch platform shoes here and she's still towering over me I cryyyy

And with Anna! Prior to this, the last time I saw Anna was in Korea for Charis Beautiful Journey.

And I saw Kenny!!! I think this is my first time to meet Kenny in real life. We've been following each other on IG for a looong time but I think this was the first time I actually saw him!

So yaaay that's it for this launch! Be sure to check out their Facebook page to learn where you can buy these items, and for updates and information. 

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