Althea Korea Real Fresh Skin Detoxer

Althea + Get It Beauty= The collab of the century! 

ICYMI, Althea just launched their Real Fresh Skin Detoxer in cooperation with Get It Beauty! 

This is technically the first product of its kind in the whole world, as it's a 10-second wash off non-clay-non-sheet lathering mask. Wah that was a mouthful! The geniuses in Althea HQ felt that given today's very hectic way of life, people should have a cleanser that took so little time to use, but was made with the best that nature could offer, and provided superior moisturizing and revitalizing to tired skin. These Detoxers are basically what they came up with with this concern in mind. 

Their Detoxers come in Rose and Green Tea, with the Rose as the AM item and Green Tea as the PM item. The Rose one helps with balancing the skin to be ready for makeup and a long day ahead, while the Green Tea one helps to get rid of impurities after a tiring day. Okay, let's break it down now... 

Packaging and Scent: As y'all will see further down this post, the products are dispensed in the usual tubes. No frills, just practical packaging. The rose scent smells like a lovely jar of potpourri!!! The Green Tea one smells like Elizabeth Arden Green Tea perfume!!! So many exclamation points because the fragrances of these detoxers smell very very good. 

Product Texture: The texture is like gel type facial wash. The closest item I can think of is Pond's Oxygenated Pearl Cleansing Gel, for those who can still remember what it was, or for those who still have it stocked in their countries. But to note, Althea Detoxer is runnier and will flow on its own. The moment you apply it and wet it, it will have this rich lather, although to note, the lather it makes is not mousse like. The moment you wash it off, you'll feel that it has a fizz to it and you'd feel like plenty of baby bubbles popping. Althea peeps explained that the fizzy feeling is thanks to the coconut extracts that help in cleansing.  

This is definitely a unique formulation, being a hybrid of facial wash and mask. Unlike our notion of facial wash, this is very very hydrating as it functions like a mask after being washed off and leaves a moisture barrier on the skin. As a mask, this is also unique because there is no stickiness on the skin, unlike when you leave a mask pack on. 

I personally felt that while my skin felt refreshed and much cleaner, there was no annoying squeaky clean sensation with this one, and it was supple and moist after usage. 

Skin Texture Refinement: I feel that this generally helps to somehow reduce pore size because the gel texture is cooling on the skin, and pore reduction in turn will help to make skin more bouncy and less prone to sagging. But I personally do not think that this is the primary item you will look for or use if you specifically want to target pore refinement, as you will still serums and power liquids for that. 

Radiance Boost: Though it's hard to illustrate, I feel that my skin is less dull after usage, and I do have this sort of glow. When you're pale, usually, your issue is dullness, and even if you're pale, it doesn't automatically mean you're radiant. I think this is one of the skincare products I can rely on to have more radiant skin. But I'm also realistic that I still will need to correct dullness with makeup in general; this is more of a support item in my whole routine to address dullness. 

Value For Money: The Green Tea and Rose Detoxer are each at Php550 for a 150mL tube, and Php990 if you get both for a limited time. In terms of value for size, these items will take a veeeeeery long time to be used up, so Php550 is a reasonable price point. More importantly, these Detoxers use premium ingredients, with the Rose variant being made from French May Rose petals (this specific breed of rose blooms only for 5 weeks and is harvested once a year; is claimed to be 5x more potent than usual rose petals), and the Green Tea variant being made from Baby Jeju Green Tea leaves (is abundant in Catechin, which has 5x more Vitamin C than lemons to protect from UV damage). As you will see in the photos to follow, the tubes are overflowing with green tea leaves+powder and crushed rose petals, so for that much premium natural ingredients in every tube, it's quite a good deal. 

Overall Feedback: Personally, I super liked the idea of having this hybrid product that could cleanse my skin and get rid of all the impurities like an HG facial wash, and make it so hydrated and supple like a mask pack. However, I also find myself a bit overwhelmed like some of you guys with all the nomenclature and descriptions going on. I honestly wish I understood from the start that this was a premium facial wash that left a mask-like moisture barrier on the skin, so that I could have appreciated it as such from the start. But I hope that with my review, people can understand this product better from the get-go as it's a superior product that I really find to be highly recommendable. 

Okay, now that I've said all that, I'd just like to show you guys how generous they are with all the roses in the rose variant! Their roses are from Raphel Carbonel, an essential oil manufacturer in France. 

Althea Korea Real Fresh Skin Detoxer Rose Pack Shot

The moment you try to tilt the tube, the product will flow immediately...
Althea Korea Real Fresh Skin Detoxer Rose Zoom In

With so many rose petals in each tube, no matter how small of an amount you squeeze out, you will be able to get rose petals. It's not like when you have a facial wash with microbeads, and sometimes, by the time you have managed to get some microbeads out, you've already squeezed out enough facial wash for 10 people wahahaha...
Althea Korea Real Fresh Skin Detoxer Rose Squeezed Out

The fragrance was so inspiring that I wanted to try to shoot a skincare ad-like layout! I swear, this smells sooooo good. Definitely, you will find this as a mood booster in the morning, especially when you know it's going to be a very stressful day..
Posing with Althea Korea Real Fresh Skin Detoxer Rose

On the flipside, they have incorporated so much green tea leaves and green tea powder to their Green Tea variant that it's already opaque when you try to take a photo of the tube.
Althea Korea Real Fresh Skin Detoxer Green Tea Pack Shot

When you zoom in, you'll see how much leaf fragments they have in here! But the best part is that since these green tea leaves are from nature, they will also disintegrate naturally and not contribute to polluting the oceans nor adding microplastics to our sewage systems. It's a great compromise to having great clean skin without hurting Mother Nature.
Althea Korea Real Fresh Skin Detoxer Green Tea Zoom In

See! See! So many leaf pigments and green tea powder going on here. 

Althea Korea Real Fresh Skin Detoxer Green Tea Squeezed Out

And yes, I wanted to have another skincare ad-inspired layout for this! 

Posing with Althea Korea Real Fresh Skin Detoxer Green Tea

And that's a wrap. Hooray for superior facial washes that work like masks, smell great, and are friendly to the environment. Be sure to get your promo sets before they run out!

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