Brown and proud! 

It's always so interesting to see the Philippine way of direct selling. It reflects our bayanihan spirit and a generally strong sense of neighborhood and community. Most other countries have had their direct selling industries in decline, but here in the Philippines, the future can only get brighter and brighter. This is why it's interesting to see a phone that's sold through direct selling and with a multi-level marketing. Meet Brown Phone 1! 

Brown Phone 1 has a quad core processor and can accommodate 4G LTE, and also has a fingerprint processor. Of course, what's striking is that it is brown colored and comes in a brown box. It indeed stands out in a market full of metallic colored and black phones.

The box is a bit wide, but is about less than an inch thick. Upon opening the box, these are the contents. There's of course the phone in a cloth pouch, a charger set, earphones, and a clear jelly case for the phone. 

At the back of the cover panel is a diagram of all the phone's parts. 

They have thoughtfully included a pin for removing the sim card.

These are the cables that the box came with. There is one USB charging cable and one set of earphones. 

There is also a charging brick included. 

This phone, like its MyPhone predecessors, has dual sim capabilities. 

As for camera, this has an 13MP camera as well as an 8MP front camera.

As for this photo, the brown logo has a protective seal on it. Don't worry, the logo is etched onto the case, it's not just a sticker! 

Brown Phone 1 has a 4.7" display and is 5.8mm thick. It's also light if you ask me, especially with all the phones these days that already weigh like tablets. 

Unique to this phone are the exclusive apps AGILA Brown and Brown Portal. These apps will be featuring everything cool in the Philippine art scene, as well as have announcements on what's going on in the metro. 

Other MyPhone apps such as the Pinoy app and MyDigitalTV app can also be found here. 

There is also much to be appreciated with the lovely brown exterior, and the lovely brown themes in the phone.

The camera is able to capture photos quite well, and the beauty filter is quite strong, so if you're into a lot of filtering, this is for you. 

Each phone is currently at Php3998, but prices may fluctuate depending on the retailer. 

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