All you ever wanted is in an invisible mall! With over 70 million items, and no building space occupied at all, LazMall is the world's biggest and smallest mall at the same time. Biggest as it's got a dizzying array of products (millions of diapers! millions of lipsticks! millions of everything!), and smallest as it's within the confines of your phone or computer! 

LazMall is a new section in Lazada that features their top brands, including Maybelline, L'Oréal, Garnier, Apple, Samsung, and JBL. In LazMall, Lazada is in direct contact with the brand, hence 100% authentic products. To add, there's a next day delivery for Metro Manila (they are building warehouses in Cebu and Davao ATM so they will extend this feature nationwide later on), as well as 15-day returns. 

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 Indeed, it was a smart decision to have the event at Manila House, as it's right beside the building where Lazada's offices are situated. To add, indeed, with the extremely good food, it's all that the guests ever wanted.

Ray Alimuring, CEO of Lazada Philippines, shared how excited he was about the new beginning for Lazada. He shared about the many ways that LazMall is the new way to shop for Filipinos. Turns out, consumers can trust buying from a seller they do not know about, if the e-commerce platform that the transaction is being conducted in is a trusted platform. LazMall wants to take the trust consumers have on Lazada and take it to the next level. For instance, if a customer is sold a fake item, Lazada promises to give twice the customer's money back. On the flipside, for brands, this is a great new way to reach people that they otherwise would not have attracted had it not been for Lazada.

Emmanuelle Chavarot, Country Chief Business Officer, also shared her excitement on the new things to come and readily answered questions from the press. One question that got my interest was whether brands had to pay to have top placements on LazMall's banners, and their answer is no. Any LazMall brand with a very good offering or a very special occasion/milestone sale will be granted the privilege to have top banner displays. Of course, it will depend on the occasion and actual offerings, but it's nice to know that great deals have more weight than ad budget. 

The food was soooo good!!!! I just had to take a photo of these fruit tarts as a remembrance of how delicious they were... 

And selfie time! With Faye, Audrey, and Shawn from L'Oréal. 

Another one with Audrey, and this time with Lovely from Lazada. 

Be sure to stay tuned for Lazada's 9.9 sale! They will be having discounts up to 90% off, and will be offering tons of time deals and games for shoppers. They also have lots of exciting deals for those who are doing Christmas shopping. 

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