Please be wise and sanitize! 

Indeed, wise words from Caronia as they launch their hand sanitizers to the market! These new babies are the perfect balance for people who like the fun fragrances of hand sanitizer gels, but dislike the stickiness of gels. That includes me!!! I totally love all the fragrances gels have, but I just hate how sticky it is. That's why I stick to plain rubbing alcohol for sanitizing purposes.

This is why I'm part of the bunch of people who are excited with Caronia's new product!

They sent the sanitizers in a tiny little pouch. These 50mL sanitizers are perfect for everyday, and also are the perfect size to bring around in your bag or kikay kit. If you visualize this pouch alone, if I take out the three other sanitizers, there's still a lot that I can put in here. 

They have four lovely fragrances for their hand sanitizers. 

Green Tea is for those who are totally addicted to Elizabeth Arden's Green Tea perfume, or for basically anyone who's addicted to green tea. This has a nice uplifting fragrance, and also smells quite energizing. 

Lavender is of course for those who wish to relax. Life is already stressful, so adding a little aromatherapy to your daily routine can help. This actually smells so nice that I actually wanna use this more as a perfume rather than as a hand sanitizer! Some lavender scented products are dizzying, but this one isn't, which is a really good thing.   

Eucalyptus is for those who like fragrances that cleanse the airways. This smells soothing, and given that I have a bad cold as I write this, this actually smells very therapeutic. I feel like if I sniff this long enough, my colds will go away hahaha 

Watermelon, in contrast to all the other fragrances, smells sweet and light. If you are the type who likes vanilla and tutti frutti fragrances, I think you will like this one. This smells like watermelon, and obviously isn't like vanilla nor tutti frutti, but is satisfyingly sweet in its own way. 

The best part about these sanitizers? Each one is just Php33! They're available at the following stores nationwide: AllDay, AllShoppe, Boramart, Cash&Carry, CSI, Ever, Isetann, Landmark, LCC, Makati Supermarket, Metro Department Store, Unimart and Super 8. You can also find these on BeautyMNL

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