Cue in DJ Khaled saying "Another one!". 

This was the most recent Lazada Beauty TV live I did so far, and it's so fun I wish I can do more again soon! My work schedule is still not yet 100% decided at this point (like whether I'd do full time or part time, and what kind of work hours will I end up really having), so I hope that whatever gets cemented permanently will permit me to do more Facebook live videos. Looking back, this was so fun to do! This time I teamed up with Martha to share all the hottest 9.9 deals for Maybelline at Lazada's sale. 

This livestream is part of this vlog. Check it out!

Here we are after the live video!!! Gosh Martha is so slim I'm so glad that at this point I have already lost a loooot of weight compared to January bwahahahaha. It was a fun time!!!

And with Rap and Lovely, who make the magic happen! Lovely is from Lazada's Marketing Team while Rap is the overall live video manager. They are involved in almost every Lazada live video you see across all brands.

Indeed, I hope to do more live videos in the future! I hope more opportunities open up. 

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