EXID's Jeonghwa. Photo from link
We all want K-pop idol skin!!! Any of them, actually, because industry-wide, everyone has really good skin. Even with the extremely long lenses of fansite managers, and with all the HD videography K-pop music videos and award shows have afforded us, all we see are people with immaculately good skin. Such a healthy glow!

EXID has been the poster girls for girl crush concepts and sexy hip thrusting, and of course, with a successful career like theirs, it gets really busy and stressful. It's important to look good especially during promotions season. But with 1000 rehearsals, fittings, and meetings, where in an idol's schedule is a 10-step regimen actually gonna fit? What's an idol to do?

Simple! Use products that are multitasking! For that, the new poster child is Althea's Real Fresh Skin Detoxers! They are masks and cleansers put into one. There's rose for daytime, and green tea for nighttime. The best part is that they leave a good moisture barrier on the skin so that skin is not stripped bare of its natural moisture.

If you remember, I also reviewed this product back in August! This is actually my current facial cleanser, and I've used up like half of mine. I love how my skin is always cleansed deeply, but energized by the rose and green tea so that my skin doesn't look so dull. We're all in crunch time mode in the office due to the Christmas rush, so this is one of my secret weapons to looking alive and presentable no matter what. 

Be sure to get your set on Althea today!!!

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