AVON Intimates Body Illusion

Say hello to a new kind of soft embrace! 

AVON Intimates recently launched their Body Illusion Line. The whole range is about addressing 2 major issues women face daily. First, is the issue of uncomfortable underwear––digging straps, itchy materials––the kind that no one can stand wearing the whole day. Second, the issue of underwear that gather the wrong kind of attention––unflattering silhouettes, crazy textures that pop out your shirt–– or worse, the ones that have a ballooning effect!

AVON wanted to make underwear that absolutely made no interference to the wearer's daily life, in both feel and appearance, hence this new range. AVON Body Illusion is all about underwear so lightweight and comfortable you'll forget you have it on, and all about underwear so minimalist that they blend in and "disappear" seamlessly under your clothes.

I was excited to receive the SONIA non-wire pull on bra (Php899) and seamless panty (Php299). The color is sooo pretty!!! I checked the site and AFAIK this is the only color for SONIA, but I don't think anyone is gonna look for color options anymore as this color is sooo pretty.
AVON Intimates Body Illusion SONIA Pull-On Bra and Seamless Panty 

The packaging is simple and seamless, like the products. They come in no frills resealable bags. I actually think that it'll be a good idea to keep these bags because they will come in handy later on when traveling with these undergarments. 
AVON Intimates Body Illusion SONIA Pull-On bra

AVON Intimates Body Illusion SONIA Seamless Panty

This is how the bra looks like on a mannequin. This ended up being loose on me because something I wasn't able to account for prior to receiving this item is that the material is super stretchy. The sizing is also a bit big for this pullover bra in specific as it's S/M/L/XL instead of the usual band and cup sizing system. I would highly advise going a size down compared to the usual (that's why I included the size chart later in this post hehehe).

The cups are reaaally soft! The whole bra is really soft and smooth. If I have this in the right size, I can fully visualize how comfortable this would be to wear. The material is so silky it just feels like your own skin. I tried this on and my first thought was with how soft the material was, and how there was no feeling of digging straps whatsoever. The straps were sooo soft.

Speaking of straps, this design has the straps nicely positioned towards the center of the back. Some bras have the straps closer to the arms than the center of the back (if that makes sense), that the result is a bra with straps that fall and fall all day. I also appreciated that inspite of being a non-wired design, this came with convertible straps! Based from my observations of non-wired options of a lot of brands, usually, the straps are fixed. It'll be up to you to buy a bra clip or some other tool if the strap is causing you problems.

The fabric really felt luxuriously soft. It's a lot like what high end lingerie brands use. If you know what I mean, most high end brands have this section wherein they have these premium convertible bras that we all invest on for special occasions. The ones that cost upwards Php1800 a pop and we painstakingly buy. The nice thing is that this bra uses the same luxurious materials, but at a fraction of the cost!

Although while I am super impressed, what I wished this bra had was this non-slip strip underneath on the garter. This fabric is luxuriously soft and smooth, but its weakness is that it's so smooth that it may have the tendency to move around or pucker. I also think that with a non-slip strip, it will help the wearer be able to use this for longer because realistically, no bra will be 100% taut as purchase condition after continued usage. (For those who want to see what a non-slip strip looks like, I googled a photo)

Okay now let's talk about sizing! This is a fabulous bra, but to experience it in its full glory, you need to get it in the right size. I lost 35lbs in 2018, and in that journey my bra size fluctuated 10000 times, so prior to trying this on, I wasn't 100% sure as to what size to choose. When I was at my fattest, I was a 36C, and in almost all brands, that was consistently my size. But when I lost weight, I became a 34B/36B/34C on a case to case basis (I just had to try each bra as I weirdly could fit the three sizes depending on brand and item). I got sent a large for this one, but for this bra in specific, I think I am a medium (or possibly a small). Large is supposedly for 38A/36B/34C, and medium for 36A/34B/32C. Given the ultra stretch fabric, I think it's best to go for the corresponding band size that's the smallest you've fit into. I've fit into 34B's and 32C's, so the better choice for me would have been medium.

AVON Intimates Body Illusion SONIA Pull-On Bra Size Chart

As for the panties, I think the sizing is more straightforward, but I also still think that it's best to go a bit smaller as the ultra stretch material makes this run big, too. I got medium and it fit perfectly (my hip circumference is 38.5 for reference).
AVON Intimates Body Illusion SONIA Seamless Panty Size Chart

Just to add in, here are the promised features by the brand. I think everything of these four promises is a check! Indeed, the cup is comfortable (although I wish it were more heavily padded). The straps are soft and comfortable. The fabric is luxuriously soft and smooth. The fit is also seamless and and invisible.

Hoping you all find the right fitting undergarments that will embrace you like AVON's Body Illusion range!

AVON Body Illusion undergarments can be purchased from your AVON lady or from AVON's website

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