Anything and everything looks good on Anne Curtis!! But the best part about her makeup brand is how she always endeavors to translate her personal tastes into products and color palettes that are apt for Filipina skin tones. To add, for the quality, the price points of BLK Cosmetics products provide customers with good value for money.

This time, they are back with a very apt ode to cherry blossom season with K-Drama collection! This new collection is under their K-Beauty range, and is all about floral inspired tones––as a nod to how much flowers influence the mood and the scenery in a lot of K-dramas.

The collection is soooo exciting!!! I am obsessed with anything cherry blossom. I am living for all the cherry blossom themed collections all sorts of brands are churning out, be it food or beauty products. The best thing about this rendition by BLK cosmetics is that the shades are generally deeper and with touches of mauve and brown to suit Filipina skintones. I saw a lot of makeup brands come out with really nude pink color palettes which would not work an all skintones.

The packaging is the best!!! I love all the floral prints as well as the shades of pink they used for this collection. I dunno why but I just feel so giddy whenever I see the products.

This is a useful poster board for all the products in this new release. They have two toned All Day Intense Matte Lipstick, All Day Lip and Cheek Water Tint (now bigger!), Creamy All-Over Paint, Intense Color Liquid Eyeshadow, Sweet Lip Duo, Dream Skin Perfector BB Cream, and Soft Matte Mousse.

Let's get down to the products!!! I'll reserve the swatches for another post as I swatched a loooot.

Their Soft Matte Mousse (Php379 each) comes in four shades : Carnation (pinkish mauve), Hibiscus (brownish mauve), Plum Blossom (brown nude peach), and Rose (cherry red brown).

Among all the liquid lipsticks out there, this is among my faves because this is really soft, flexible, and non-flaky. To add, the formulation is flexible enough that these lovely shades can double as cheek tint.

The most elusive babies are their Creamy All-Over Paint (Php399) in Peony (dusty rose) and Daffodil (deep peach)! These are sooooo pretty and sooo good that it's reaaaaaally hard to get hold of stocks. You really need to turn on the notifications in your shopping apps, or to ask the ladies at the BLK counters to text you when these go back in stock. 

BLK has had their cheek paint for quite some time now, but these new shades are driving everyone crazy because of the clay and mayve tones in them. This will work wonders whether as cutesy cheek paint, or whether you want to pull off a drunk blush look. 

Anne Curtis is truly the influencer with the new Intense Color Liquid Eyeshadows (Php299), in shades Jasmine (pearly rose gold) and Daisy (blush pink). This is the first time I have seen a local brand churn out a cheery pink eyeshadow!

It's hard to get the right pink that will not look like swelling or like a rash, so I appreciate how much effort the team undertook to come up with the right kind of pink eyeshadow that looks interesting but flattering.

For those who want a product that keeps on giving, it's high time to grab their All Day Intense Matte lipsticks (Php359)! This comes in Dandelion (deep duo) and Lily (nude duo).

As seen, these lipsticks are two-toned, so the possibilities are endless. You can use each lipstick individually, mix the two shades, or use them in a Korean gradation look.

For those who have eternally dry lips like me, there's now BLK Sweet Lip Duo (Php379)! This comes in Snowdrop (with clear scrub) and Tulip (with pink scrub). The lower compartment houses a lip scrub, while the upper compartment houses a colored lip balm. They even managed to sneak in a mini mirror on the lid!

The product that's soon to be a gamechanger is their Dream Skin Perfector BB Cream (Php449). This comes in two shades, Light and Medium. Why only two shades? Because this product comes out white, but once blended in, matches your skintone perfectly. Definitely a good product for gifts as there is barely any guesswork needed with this! 

Last but definitely not the least, the good news is that their Giant All Day Lip and Cheek Water Tints (Php299) are back but bigger this time around! These bigger tints come in Cherry, Pink, and Red. This big tube has 4.2g of product, coming from 2.15g per tube. But the best part is they almost doubled the product amount but only added Php50! The first release tints are Php249 while these giant ones are Php299.

The social media girls of BLK explained that they wanted to address netizen concerns about the first release tints not offering good value for money with the quantity, so this is the result of their social listening.

The program itself was short and sweet, and of course it starts when Anne arrives. Co-founders Jacque and Steph are happy to greet her and compliment her really cute outfit. We're all living for her tutu skirt!

Anne of course started by thanking everyone who came and for showing interest in the new launch. This product launch sold out really fast because aside from the shades being so gorgeous, Anne reaaally heavily promoted this launch on her IG stories. Launching this right on time with cherry blossom season of course added to the very high levels of consumer interest.

Anne shared how this collection stemmed from her K-drama obsession. At first, other key people at BLK weren't as obsessed, but after her recommendations, everyone else got hooked. The rest is history. Anne shared how she wanted to have floral themed products (if you will notice almost all the names are flower names, and even the colors are reminiscent of flowers) as flowers really set the mood for a lot of K-dramas. Come to think of it, the moment we see a particular park or field, we're already reminded of K-dramas that remind us of it. To add, a lot of the K-drama filming locations that have become popular tourist attractions have something to do with nature.

And can we just take a moment to appreciate all the cute details!!! Totally loving Anne's baby bangs, as well as her embroidered top. If you'll look at the more zoomed in photos, you'll actually also spot her wearing the pink eyeshadow! It looks like a beautiful brick on her.

Anne then poses for photos with co-founders Jacque and Steph.  

After, Anne goes to have her photos taken at the beautiful baby's breath setup! I love how much effort they undertook to make this concept come to life.

It looks like Anne is in a field somewhere in Korea but well this was just in Makati! 

The guests also got to try it out! For this event, I was so inspired by the pink tones of the packaging that I went with an all pink outfit.

And yaaay time for selfies!!

With Raf

And Yna 

  With Lazada girls Rina, Tara, and Lovely, 

With Charlie whom I haven't seen in so long! 

And last but not the least, of course, a photo with Anne herself. 

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