How's your summer going so far? 

As for me, I have been staying at home mostly, finishing a lot of unfinished errands and taking better care of my eating schedule. Being at home most of the time means I feel the heat soooo much. I'm so thankful whenever there is a short bout of rain because I feel like the earth is gonna crack anytime now. Speaking of heat, contrary to what one would initially think, now is actually the time when one needs a serious body care regimen the most. The intense heat causes extreme skin dehydration, and of course, it can also lead to rashes and prickly heat. 

I'm so excited to have received goodies from AVON's AVON Care range! We kinda think that now is not the time for lotion as it feels sticky, but now actually is when we need lotion the most. Thankfully, AVON Care lotions come in lightweight and fast absorbing formulations, so we can protect our skin from the heat without being uncomfortable. 

AVON Care is AVON's no-frills, no-nonsense, just dryness-protected families kind of product range. Unlike the usual body care products under AVON, the fragrances are mild and mostly neutral, so members of the whole family can use this. The packaging is also simple and smart, and there's just body wash and body lotion, so there's nothing too complex, regimen wise. Body wash and then body lotion is simple enough for most folks, right?

The body lotions come in several fragrances!!! 

There's Revitalizing Banana lotion for all skin types. Don't worry, the banana scent is not like the in-your-face banana scent of actual banana flavored foods, so you won't end up smelling like banana milk! This also has a faint hint of vanilla. This is fast absorbing as it is wispier than the other variants.

Hydrating Body Milk lotion for normal skin doesn't smell like the strong talc fragrance we think of when something is milk themed. Instead it smells a lot like the 'original' fragrance lotion of other lotion brands. This boasts a unique blend of Vitamin E, mineral oil, and petroleum jelly to provide 24 hour moisture.

Soothing Oatmeal lotion for all skin types smells mild, but the oatmeal scent is more pronounced in this one versus other oatmeal themed lotions in the market. Like the banana variant, this is wispier than the other variants and is designed to be fast absorbing.

This also comes in a Soothing Oatmeal body wash! Unlike soaps which can suck the moisture and life out of skin, this is hydrating and it leaves this sort of barrier on the skin. It also leaves a light fragrance.

For those who have dry skin, or for those who might be recovering from bad sunburns and need something more intense, there's their Moisturizing Royal Jelly lotion for dry skin. I can't describe how it smells like, but it doesn't smell strongly of honey. This has mineral oil, glycerin, petroleum jelly, hoey, and royal jelly all at the same time to really give dry skin a fighting chance.

The good thing about this is that they packed in a lot of moisturizing ingredients but still kept it at the texture of a lotion. It's so hot that it would just be too hard for people to use body cream to stay hydrated. I'm glad they were able to come up with a potent lotion like this.

When smeared, it holds its own shape (i.e. it's not runny), but it's still wispy enough to be easy to absorb in this weather.

These products are dermatologically tested, have mild fragrances, and give skin the gentle care it needs. Indeed, this is the #KumpletongAlaga each family needs. I love how the fragrances are light enough that they did not offend my mom's very sensitive nose (mom has lotsa allergies). It's so hard to find scented products that sit well with my mom, so I'm glad this is gonna go on the list of the products she can use.

Another great thing is that the sizing is generous and affordable! These bottles ate all 250mL, and each product costs SRP Php189. They are throwing in a lot of promotions and discounts for this range, so you can actually snag these babies for cheaper if you shop smart. Be sure to watch out for the discounts!

Approach your AVON lady or visit the AVON store nearest you to get the complete care your family needs. This, I think, will also be up at AVON's online shop soon. 

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