Cream Silk is undoubtedly the market's No. 1 conditioner, and anyone who gets assigned to the brand really gets a huge responsibility. Having interned there ages ago, I realized how different decision making becomes when you're managing one of the country's biggest brands. You're thinking of not just yourself or your friends as users––you're considering millions of buyers and users.

Such is my excitement in seeing that they have released a Triple Keratin Rescue version for their sulfate free colored hair care variant! Under the regular rinse off category, there is already Cream Silk Color Revive, which is sulfate free to care for colored hair. But the difference is that Triple Keratin Rescue Ultimate Color Revive brings together the sulfate-free feature with Cream Silk's expertly formulated daily treatment conditioner format. Think of this as color keeping, but the conditioning power is the power of conditioner and treatment combined, hence providing a more potent solution to chemically damaged hair.

The packaging is black paired with a very strong red. Red and ash are the most difficult hair color shades to maintain, so I guess they must've taken inspiration from that..

What excites me is that it's indicated that this is "Cream Silk's most advanced sulfate free 3-in-1 conditioning system yet that gives the benefits of 3 Keratin products in our 1 ultimate solution." 

Like other variants from Cream Silk's Triple Keratin Rescue, this has keratin relaxers to tame rebellious frizz, keratin serum to revive intense damage, and keratin essence to restore extreme dullness. 

Indeed, a peek into the ingredients and there really is no sulfate! Sulfates (like sodium laureth sulfate which appears on almost every haircare ingredient list) act as surfactants (which act as a vehicle to escort oil and dirt off of hair) and bring on the lather. Unfortunately, sulfates also strip off color faster, which is why if you've had your hair bleached, you'll find that if you do not use specialty products, your hair will look brassy real quick. 

The best part about this (and the basic rinse off Color Revive) is that there is now an affordable market offering for those who have bleached hair or for those who are trying to maintain a difficult shade. I had my hair bleached in 2016 and how I wish that there were choices like this at the time!!! Everything I used had to be salon grade, and of course, the products were at high salon prices. 

Like the previous Daily Treatment Conditioner packaging, and like the other variants, this also comes with a star shaped dispenser. I know, yes, the conditioner will end up being washed off anyways... but it's more fun to pretend like you're piping icing!!! Yes, I know I'm too old to be making such a remark, but it's the truth...

As for the scent! This smells like how berries and vanilla would end up like, in a lovely, decadent way. Amongst the 3 existing variants for Triple Keratin Rescue, this is the best smelling for me. I honestly do not have freshly colored hair right now, but I totally see myself using this for the scent and the conditioning power!

May I also just add in the lovely gifts Cream Silk sent in alongside the conditioner! Thank you so much for the cute earrings and hairclip.

And may I also add that they sent all those items in this lovely beaded bag!!! As someone who did beading back then, I know how long it takes to make one of these. It took a lot of effort indeed. 

So for those who got their hair colored recently, rejoice! For you do not have to spent as much money as I spent with my haircare back in 2016 when high-quality, affordable options like this didn't exist. 

The new Cream Silk Triple Keratin Rescue Ultimate Color Revive is available virtually everywhere where Cream Silk is sold (dept. stores, drugstores, supermarkets) nationwide. You can also get this at Lazada and Shopee. Sachets are at Php5 for 10mL, while tubes are at Php149 for 170mL ad Php259 for 340mL. 

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