Innocently worded texts from AVON should not be taken lightly! Hahahaha... Last year, I received an innocently worded invite about a new campaign featuring Jennylyn Mercado and other celebs, and it ended up being a very sexy and glamorous lingerie show. This year, I got yet another innocently worded text about Tanner Mata, Enchong Dee and Daniel Matsunaga being AVON's newest male ambassadors, and yes, it ended up being a sizzling hot men's underwear fashion show. I had just attended a lenten recollection the night before, and thankfully, the priest said nothing about watching hunky models in AVON briefs. Whew. XDD

Sorry for digressing! It was indeed my pleasure to be attending the fashion show for their formal launch of Tanner Mata, Enchong Dee and Daniel Matsunaga, alongside key male influencers, as ambassadors AVON Men's Club. AVON, as the leader in Intimate Apparel, takes its role seriously in providing Filipinos underwear choices that are comfortable, empowering, and at friendly price points.

Before everything, I would just like to do a public service announcement and say that they had the whole fashion show livestreamed on Facebook!!! Tanner, Enchong, and Daniel's fans didn't miss anything because they can rewatch the show here: 

Maggie Wilson was the host of the night's festivities. 

Tisha Rodriguez, AVON Head of Marketing, gives welcoming remarks to all the guests. It's a new era for men, and indeed, it's time to redefine who the modern gentleman is. I was able to talk to her after the show to discuss it deeper, and as I had thought, it's a shift in societal patterns that led to all this. If you think about it, men usually leave everything to the women around them. It's usually the mother who buys everything for the family, and then when the son eventually gets married, it's his wife who will take on the role of personal care shopper. But now, there is a shift being seen, and men are becoming increasingly active in choosing their personal care products and apparel. Men are subconsciously looking for role models of substance they can really look up to. So of course, it will be so alienating for these men to find that no one resonates with them. As such, this launch was all about unveiling ambassadors from various fields that the modern gentleman can look up to.

Before the show, there was a fierce dance number by G-Force. They really have such a dominating presence it's amazing.

Without further adieu, here are the ambassadors! (And yes I will say sorry in advance that I was not able to properly photograph them all.. it's hard to focus when there are too many handsome models...)

The first ambassador is Joshua Bulot, a musician. He's a member of JBK band which appeared in XFactor UK 2017, and now their group has been doing several gigs and teleserye OST's, amongst other cool things.

Another ambassador is Ian Ignacio, a martial artist and actor. You may have seen him as Aki in iflix's show, Mystified. 

 Ari Simangan, a notable photographer, is also an ambassador. He takes really really good portraits! I looked at his portfolio and was blown away by his photography aesthetic. 

Gerick Manalo, known chef and GMA News TV personality, also walked the runway as an ambassador. 

Here are the models showcasing AVON Men's Club Intimate Apparel!

 BTW, AVON Men's Club also features bags, accessories, and watches, so in the catalogues, there will be more than just briefs. Perhaps the accessories would be too small to be seen on a runway so it was not strongly made as a focus for this particular show. 

And of course everyone was very excited to see the celeb endorsers! 

We have Tanner Mata.. 

Enchong Dee... 

And Daniel Matsunaga.

Here they were as they walked the runway during the finale. I would say that we were a well behaved crowd that we didn't go wild despite there being no barricades ahihihi... 

Maggie came back onstage, and didn't need to exert much effort to elicit applause from an elated crowd. I personally loved the soundtrack of the fashion show and was singing along to some of the songs (they played Play It Cool by Monsta X and Idil bt BTS yasss), and I hope my singing of undecipherable Korean didn't make it to the Facebook livestream!

Here are the celeb endorsers with the key executives from AVON: 

And a candid shot of the executives of AVON. It was indeed a job well done, and surely they spent many sleepless nights together with the ad agencies, PR agencies, and events firm to stage this event. Indeed, it's time to celebrate.

As for me? I got to try this kaleidoscope photo station! Gosh, brands are getting better and better at selfie booths and flatlay stations at events.

Ane a photo with Nicolle and Michelle, who had to stay focused on their jobs in the presence of many hunk models ahihihihi...

And a selfie with Kuya Omu-rice!!! I didn't even have any idea aaaaat allll about the viral omurice videos. Kuya just stood out amongst the models that I just had to have a photo with him. I just found out later on when I asked around (thanks to those who gave me the info you know who you are) and googled...

Indeed, it's the era of a new and redefined gentleman. I hope to see more and more men confidently picking up AVON catalogues and browsing at AVON's online store

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