In a strict sense, I most definitely do not wake up like this (in this photo)!!! I'm a night person who has suffered many bouts of severe insomnia. I most certainly do not feel that getting out of bed is a bed of roses (no pun intended). Like my mom, good sleep is really something I just wasn't blessed with, but I don't want to look like it. My skin tone is already so pale, so when I haven't slept well, my skin really becomes dull. Most of the skincare I try to use are things that I think will give glass skin and glowing skin. Right now I have a 6-step skincare routine of facial foam, toner, essence, cream, eye cream, and mask. A new addition to my roster is Snail White's new Icy Mask

They asked us over to do a shoot featuring their new product, and here are some snippets. 

This event is part of this vlog, Check it out!

They held the shoot in a serviced apartment, so that's why it looks like a hotel. For inspo, they had Erich's promotional videos playing on loop on the TV. Gosh, she has glowing skin!

They also had a shelf displaying their products.

Snail White is arguably most popular for their Whipp Soap, which even has QR codes to combat counterfeits. This used to be a popular pasalubong item from Thailand before it became easily accessible in the Philippines. The Philippine market is beauty bar soap obsessed, so this soap fit right into the Philippine lifestyle. With their new Icy Mask, maybe it'll be the mask to finally make it to the permanent skincare routines of Filipinos.

Masks usually sound cumbersome to Pinoys because of the usage of sheets. When it's hot, it's, of course, uncomfortable to be walking around with a mask sheet on. It'd just feel sticky. Clay masks have only mostly gained traction to a niche market. There still aren't a lot of overnight mask packs in the market, and since these products usually come in a thick consistency, I'm not sure if traditional mask packs will please Philippine consumers.

This is why I think that maybe Snail White Icy Mask has a chance. It's in a sachet (with a lid), so it's Php70 per sachet and is much more affordable than buying one whole tub of clay mask or sleeping pack. The texture is like snow, which blends into a soft powder, and is not sticky like traditional overnight masks. As the product name implies, it has a slightly cool feel, so it works well in our hot climate. The best part? It really does help to give a glow!

The key is to blend it in. In all the promotional materials, Erich has a really white face, but in reality, you don't need that much product. You only need to apply enough to feel that it's gone over your whole face. A little already goes a long way. One sachet will last you at least five uses if you apply it at just the right thickness, so it packs quite good value for money.

I also like how this reduces the lag in my routine. I learned from an expert that you cannot sleep with mask sheets on, as your mask sheets will just collect dirt throughout the night as you twist and turn, and then transfer it onto your skin. To add, the mask sheet would be so dry that it'd just end up sucking the life out of your skin instead of helping it. You need to be awake while using mask sheets, so when I'm super busy, I have a hard time finding good timing. With this mask, I just apply it, blend it in, and go straight to bed.

And yaaay I just wanna share a few other photos from the shoot. The photos were shot by Charlie Shot Me, so it was an honor! I was so surprised that Charles is actually so friendly and humble even with all his celeb clients and glamorous engagements.

This pajama set is a gift from Snail White with my initials embroidered onto the pocket. It's just not visible in these photos though ahihi...

As for me, I know I can't achieve good sleep in the near future, but at least I can achieve glowing skin that can conceal that fact!

If you want to try out the new Snail White Icy Mask, you can find them at Lazada, Shopee, and leading stores where Snail White is found. 

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