For those who can't seem to find the makeup to suit their sensitive skin, Mineral Fusion is finally here! This US brand was founded in 2007, and in 2019, is officially available at Healthy Options stores in the Philippines. Mineral Fusion is all about smart products that come in simple product ranges and shades, and with a very gentle and healing effect to the skin. People will often buy makeup to cover up a blemish or dermatological problem, only for the makeup to worsen the condition of the said problem, and Mineral Fusion wants to break that vicious cycle. It was exciting to have attended the launch to learn more about the brand!

The sample counter was very busy as everyone was super excited to try out the testers!

Elizabeth Bartlett, key accounts manager for BWX Limited (parent company of Mineral Fusion), came over to have a chat about the brand and why she's so excited that the brand is now in the Philippines. Mineral Fusion is a leading Natural Cosmetics Brand in the USA with a wide range of EWG verified (Environmental Working Group) color cosmetics. The ethics of mineral acquisition for makeup has come into the spotlight as of late, so the brand is proud to have full transparency and good manufacturing processes. Mineral Fusion is also proud to have a Leaping Bunny certification and therefore is cruelty-free.

The other key thing she was excited about is the extensive range of shades that Mineral Fusion has. Contrary to most other brands that only have face makeup in neutral, pink, or yellow undertones, their range is more expanded. To add, the choice of products is also quite expansive for a mineral brand. And! If you look at her here, she's holding a pressed powder compact––unlike other brands that sell their powder in loose format.

As seen here, their face makeup category has BB Cream (beauty balm), Sheer Tint Foundation, Pressed Powder Foundation, and Liquid Foundation.

And as seen in their list of shades for Powder Foundation, they have cool, neutral, warm, olive, and deep undertones. I appreciate how they have olive undertones because I know a lot of Pinoys who have olive undertones, but unfortunately, many brands do not really cater to them. There are also a lot of Pinoys with neutral skin tones, but the market offerings usually lean on the yellow side, so this is also another piece of good news. 

Elizabeth takes price in how for a lot of people, Mineral Fusion is the only brand that can work on their skin. Some people have sensitive skin, while some people have existing dermatological problems, and that narrows down their choices. Mineral Fusion is all about combining the benefits of makeup and skincare to improve one's look while improving one's skin condition. Indeed, it is a healthier option for makeup, so it makes perfect sense for Healthy Options to be bringing the brand in.

They also had a makeup demo! They had a daytime makeup look...

And an evening look... The key thing about mineral makeup, according to what Elizabeth explained, is that wet should go before dry. Mineral makeup works best when it's used over something moist such as a moisturizer or facial mist. You can use the powdery products alone, but for the best lasting effect, use them over something moist. 

Okay so now let's talk about the range! For the face, they have a liquid foundation, beauty balm, liquid concealer, duo pan concealer, sheer tint foundation, pressed powder foundation, blush powder, blush stick blush duo, illuminator, setting powder, blonzer (bronzer and blush duo), bronzer, and 3-in-1 color stick.

Everybody got excited to try the powder foundation because it's so apt for the Philippine heat! These work perfectly to provide a good amount of coverage while keeping skin matte and dry for most of the day. And as seen here, there are so many shades to choose from, so I'm sure everyone can really be accommodated by this range.

As for eye makeup, hey have eye pencils, eyeshadow singles, eyeshadow trios, and mascaras. 

Their lip range is also quite extensive, as they have liquid lip gloss (in a squeeze tube), lip gloss (in a tube with wand), lip pencil, lip sheer, lip tint sheer, lipstick butter, and lipstick. 

One more thing to love is most of the products are quite compact! If you look at the products in pans, they're less than 1cm thick. The packaging might be plain to some, but for me, I think it's great that they focused on making the products practical and compact. The only downside is there is no sponge compartment, so you'll have to provide your own brushes and sponges for these products.

The price range is fair enough for mineral makeup. Mineral makeup tends to be quite pricey, so while their items are steeper than most department store finds, for mineral makeup, this is affordable already. 

As for trial, here I am trying out their lipstick in the shade 'Inspired.' It's a lovely muted coral pink shade.

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