It's safe to say that almost everyone who might be reading this post actually grew up using AVON fragrances. It's so easy to find an AVON lady, and the fragrances smell so high-end in spite of being so budget-friendly, so it's no wonder everyone loves their AVON fragrance fix. A lot of people continued to carry on the tradition of using AVON throughout the years, just moving on from younger to more mature fragrances. I personally am enjoying discovering the good in these fragrances as an adult now, as they smell so good! In hindsight, these were all the "wow this stranger smells so good I wonder what she's using" fragrances I had been subconsciously wondering about all these years. Here are some of their top-selling fragrances!

AVON  Sweet Honesty Moments (Php399 for 50mL), for me, is a sweet and slightly sultry scent. It's described as a blend of pomegranate, jasmine, and lilac with hints of musk and sandalwood. I guess to me, the sandalwood and musk are the most dominant notes, which is why it's a bit sultry to me. I am very fond of musk, which is why this is immediately a new favorite of mine. 

AVON Sheer Passion in Very Captivating (Php599 for 200mL, Php299 for 100mL) is a symphony of pineapple leaves, oris butter, and caramel. It has a very woody, musky and sultry fragrance. This is actually my fave out of this whole bunch as I love woodsy and musky fragrances! This has a dark touch to it, which I feel makes it very appropriate for a lot of evening occasions.

AVON Summer White Paradise (Php399 for 50mL) is described as a combo of peach blossoms, dazzling red grapefruit, with final notes of golden amber and rosewood. The grapefruit contributes a lot to make this a refreshing, sparkling scent. As the name implies, this is perfect for the summer. But given that we have summer all year round here in the Philippines, this is perfect for the people who want to use something classy but light for everyday occasions. 

AVON Summer White (Php399 for 50mL) is characterized by top notes of freesia, grapefruit, and aldehydes, middle notes of jasmine and orchid, and base notes of sandalwood, orange blossom, and muskThe fragrance reminds me a lot of cotton. If you're fond of baby colognes and baby powder scented items, but want to smell a bit more mature, then I think you'll like this. This is also somehow the fragrance that the universe has assigned to pair with all white outfits hahaha

AVON Black Suede (Php599 for 100mL) is described as a classic blend of warm woods and fresh greens, with the modern feel of leather. Even if this has a very masculine fragrance, a lot of girls like the woodsy take on this. This is perfect for when you want to make a powerful impression. 

AVON IMARI Seduction (Php599 for 50mL) is a cocktail of vanilla bean, amber, sensual musk, purple orchid, patchouli, succulent plum, and wild berries. To me, the vanilla, musk, and orchid take center stage for a very seductive and sensual fragrance. This is actually the real scene-stealer because this is just Php599 but it smells like probably half of the high-end fragrances in the department store, and those will usually sell for Php3000 upwards. 

AVON Far Away (Php899 for 50mL) interestingly smells like the exact scene wherein the heroine of a drama is at the airport to leave, and then her love interest comes to the airport to persuade her to not leave. This is described to have top notes of peach and freesia with mid notes of jasmine, osmanthus and orange flower, and bottom notes of vanilla musk, sandalwood, and amber. This smells very sweet and has a noticeable fruity touch to it. 

AVON Viva La Vita (Php899 for 50mL) is yet another AVON fragrance which smells like high-end department store fragrances, I just can't remember which one. This has a floral fruity fragrance that is crisp and uplifting to the senses. This was created by perfumer Harry Fremont and has notes of apple, rose petals, mimosa, and vanilla bean. I like the juicy take to this fragrance, and though I personally prefer heavier scents, this light fragrance appeals a lot to me. 

There are so many to choose from! AVON has fragrances in all sorts of price ranges, sizes, and formats. You can find a lot of these fragrances in pocket roller size, in body cream formats, and there are also a lot of spinoffs. Indeed, whatever your occasion, your personality, your mood, there is an AVON fragrance for you. 

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