A really white package of Cleene Cotton Rounds arrived, so I thought it was high time to take photos with it right after my confirmation, as I'd be in a white dress. And what better place than our white kitchen ahihi... Who would've thought they're already celebrating 30 years?!

That's 30 years of improving the lives of Filipinos with affordable personal care products! Whether you're using cotton for beauty, for babies, or for something medical, Cleene has a wide range of products for your needs. I don't need to even be saying these things because I feel like almost all of you reading this prolly even have more Cleene products in your respective homes than I do!

Cleene is famous for its cotton balls, and subsequently the very famous ads of the cotton balls just soaking up water for the entire duration of the commercial. But what's special about their rounds is that these are made from cotton imported from the Netherlands.

As the cotton is in a flat form, this, of course, means that one can cover greater surface area with a wide pad (compared to a cotton ball). This also means that one needs to use less product to saturate the pad as it's thinner and flatter, which is gonna mean a lot if you're gonna use this to apply pricey skin care. I know YT gurus look so cool splashing around their skincare onto their faces, but it's not practical to do so in real life as it's so wasteful, and a lot of product will have fallen off elsewhere before you've been able to apply it onto every area of your face. When I started using cotton pads, I noticed that my products would last 40%-50% longer (in terms of quantity) compared to not using pads, and when you're already adding up the cost of several items of skincare in the course of a year, it's a material amount. 

I used up several packs of these not too long ago, and while I didn't use them to apply skincare, I used them to remove makeup.

I love using these to remove makeup as this has a wide surface area to absorb quite a lot of dirt and makeup. But the bigger reason is that this doesn't fray and tear even when dragged quite a lot. I get frustrated when I use a cotton pad and it shears and tears while I'm dragging it to remove makeup, and even more frustrated when my face is left with tons of little cotton fibers. These pads have strong enough integrity to stay whole after dragging and not leave a lot of small fibers behind. I usually use these with micellar water for removing everyday makeup. When I need to remove tons of mascara, I turn to cotton balls instead and use a lot of baby oil for the job.

Each pack of 80 rounds is at an SRP of Php71.50, but the price may vary. As with all other Cleene products, this can be found in all leading drugstores, supermarkets, and the beauty sections of department stores. 

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