It's time for the roundup! These are my Maybelline Color Sensational Creamy Mattes Lipsticks. 

Finally!!! These shots are finally gonna see the light! I shot these photos way back July last year, but lotsa things happened that it's only now I'm able to share these.  With that said, I don't remember the similar-looking shades anymore, so please don't ask me. I just wanna share some artistic shots hihi.

And here are the headshots of the 20 shades I own as of writing! The Creamy Mattes collection keeps on expanding, so these are the shades I have at the moment. I'll prolly expand as I go, although slowly... 

A hot pink mixed with fuchsia.

A plum shade with a touch of red. 

Burgundy Blush
As the name implies, it's a deep reddish burgundy.

This is the pretty product of mixing clay, red, and nude brown together. 

Literally how the color of a clay pot would look like when mixed with nude brown. 

Code Red
A lovely maroon shade. 

A true coral shade. Not coral pink nor coral orange. 

A pinkish brown nude. 

As the name implies, it's exactly how beautifully aged red wine looks like. 

A hybrid between fuchsia and Barbie pink.

A faint nude coral pink.

A lovely magenta shade, but relative to all the other shades, this uniquely has micro shimmers in it. 

A nude buff shade. 

A warm medium brown. 

A brownish plum shade. 

A pretty baby pink. 

A bold bluish based red. 

A bold mostly-neutral red. 

A beautiful mauve, of course, with a touch of spice. 

Exactly what the name implies. An electrifying violet shade. 

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