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I attended this event by Healthy Options last month, but this was, unfortunately, the post that got stuck in the pipelines while I was studying. Almost all my posts in November were pre-scheduled in September and October, and even the latter half of my October posts were pre-scheduled as well. It's only now I'm picking up all the work I left since the start of November, as I studied all month. 

Okay, so much about my mundane schedule! We got to learn more about featured products of Tints of Nature for this talk. These days, colored hair is all the rage, whether it's for individuality purposes, or keeping up a youthful look. Tints of Nature's range of colors and care products will surely please a lot of people who want to maintain a certain color but do it healthily. 

We sadly will fall into a vicious cycle of recoloring and recoloring, whether it's because we're already bored, or because we're trying to catch up with our hair regrowth. This is why it's of utmost importance these days to select hair color products that cause the least damage and harm to the user. I think that the topic of healthy hair is apt for the times.

Cloe Hazell, Tints of Nature Hair Expert, spoke about the products and demonstrated how they work. Tints of Nature has been around since 1995, and has actually been in Healthy Options for quite some time now. But its long-noble causes are only coming to relevance in more recent times, as more and more people are becoming socially aware consumers. Tints of Nature uses the most ethical, sustainable and eco-friendly methods to produce their products. The brand is also proud to be the first to make home hair color kits that are made of 75% certified organic and 95% naturally derived ingredients. To add, they've nailed the formulation for ammonia-free permanent hair color that they have a patent for it!

Here, Cloe is proud to be showing the results from using Tints of Nature lightening kit. Their lightening kit is proudly ammonia-free, but still packs a punch! You can see in this photo how the model has brunette hair, but the treated hair is already blonde. This lightener has been gaining traction in the hair color world as more and more people want electrifying hair colors, but soon realize how damaging it is to maintain it. I tried bleaching my hair once and I couldn't keep at it because my hair already halved in thickness and became so porous, so I can only imagine how much harder it is for those who bleach their hair regularly. 

The nice thing with this is that you can follow up immediately with other Tints of Nature colors straight after lightening. While some brands might require you to wait a few days, or even a week, Tints of Nature color can already be administered after using Tints of Nature lightening kits. 

The tiny bottle is also another hallmark of Tints of Nature. Cloe explained that a lot of people are surprised that their shampoos and conditioners are so tiny. Like you'd think they were travel size but they were actually already full-sized! Cloe explained further that it's because their products are more concentrated, so users need only so little of the product to be able to apply it all over their hair. A lot of products in the market are actually dilute, which is why the bottles might look satisfyingly large, but you'd also need a proportionately large amount each time. 

Even taking out the topic of crazy colors, it can be quite hard to keep up with regrowth of gray hairs. I found it interesting that unused Tints of Nature hair color can be stored for a few weeks on the condition that the product is stored in a clean and uncontaminated container, is covered with foil, and kept out of sunlight until the next dye job comes. In hindsight, a lot of people won't really need an entire box for one session, especially if they're just trying to go after some regrowth. 

The other great thing is that Tints of Nature hair colors are enriched with Vitamins C and E, and generally, are just made of lesser harsh chemicals, hence providing an overall healthier coloring experience for users. Each box of their dye is Php939, which might sound more expensive than mainstream competitors. But come to think of it, Tints of Nature color is organic. ethically sourced, and like I mentioned, can be stored for more than one usage, so for users who are looking for something healthier, or have awkward hair growths/ lengths that they don't need one whole box each time, this will end up being the practical choice. 

After the talk, we also had our time to be able to consult and see what works for us best. In my case, I no longer want to bleach my hair ever again, as I still have about 1 inch of hair that's bleached (I just had 2-3 inches cut off last week so yeah I'm at the final inch), and you can tell it's bleached. I dyed my hair dark brown in February 2018 and only recolored it black again in August 2019, and the whole time, you could tell which part was the bleached part as it would be so brassy relative to everything else. I also have really limp hair and a super oily scalp, so I was recommended Tints of Nature Structure Treatment. 

I wanted to keep my hair black, but keep it interesting, so I was recommended to dye Tints of Nature Bold Colors in Blue over my black hair. The goal is to create this sapphire black that looks black at first glance but shines bluely once radiated upon. As I'm writing this post, I'm actually dyeing my hair black again as the black dye from August has already mostly worn off. I wanna see how exactly this'll work on freshly dyed black hair, so I'm excited to see what'll happen next. 

They have plenty of Bold Colors, and I love how these colors can be easily accessed in Healthy Options stores! Most crazy dye colors like these are only available online, and usually via pre-order, so it can be tasking to manage pre-orders and to keep on waiting. With Tints of Color, you can just step into a Healthy Options store and be able to find a color you'll like.  And these are only Php850, which is not so bad for healthy hair color! Popular crazy hair color brands also charge similar for the same amount of product, and the formulation is most likely not as healthy. 

And tee hee a photo with Ruth and Michelle. 

As well as Achi Wendy.

I'm excited to be sharing updates on my Tints of Color experience, so please look forward to it! 

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