Yaaaay ICYMI, I had another Lazada Livestream for L'Oréal group's Valentine's Day sale! 

I just didn't get around to posting about this as I got really busy writing and preparing a lot of reviews. On that aspect, yes, please look forward to many reviews coming your way!

This livestream is part of this vlog. Check it out!

For those who missed the Livestream and wish to see it again, here you go! Maybelline, L'Oréal Paris, and Garnier will still have many more sales coming up with Lazada's upcoming sales very soon. I can't say much right now, but it's really exciting. 

I just wanna note that this is my first Lazada live at the 9th floor! The ones I've done since the start of Lazada livestreams was on the 23rd floor, The first livestream I ever did with them was just in an empty conference room with a blank wall and furnitures taken from other departments in the office. Fast forward to now, it's now done in a fully equipped studio room with backgrounds, dedicated lighting, dedicated furniture, a control booth, and a dressing room! E-commerce is just getting more and more exciting, if anything. 

And yaaaay a selfie with LP girls Mikee and Thalia

And with Rina and Rap from Lazada whom I've been working with since the start! Aaron is a newcomer here hehehe...

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