Summer's here! 

I know, I know. The coronavirus pandemic means that we'll be staying home for most of the summer months. But, the sun is forever there, and our usage of sunscreen should not be limited to when we're going to the beach. Sunscreen usage should be done every day, especially if we are to step out of our homes. The sun is what causes the most damage to the skin, and it's not just about skin tone. The sun causes dryness, large pores, dullness, and essentially all our skin woes are caused by the sun in one way or another. 

I've been working with Belo Sun for various summer campaigns since 2017, and have been using their products for many years. I like how most of their products are created without a sticky feel, and IIRC, the Belos talked about this before. They were advocating for people to use sunscreen, but weren't using sunscreen themselves as a lot of the offerings in the market at the time were heavy and greasy. Belo Sun Expert wants to be that brand that Pinoys can feel comfortable using in the humid Philippine climate. 

It's exciting that they have now offloaded an entire summer's worth of samples at Sample Room!  

Belo Tinted Sunscreen SPF50PA+++ is the perfect powdery base for those who want a little color to their sunscreen. This is heavily marketed as a foundation substitute, but for those with deep discolorations, concealer would still be needed. I use this to have sun protection and more for a tone up effect rather than for the coverage. I also like its powder fresh fragrance. 

Belo Sun Expert Whitening Sunscreen SPF50PA+++ is a new addition to the product line. It has niacinamide and brightening essence to lighten skin tone with regular usage. This is also designed to be lightweight and non-sticky like other Belo Sun expert products. This is perfect for those who want to maintain their skin tone throughout the summer season. 

Belo Sun Expert Face Sunscreen SPF40PA+++ has been a longtime favorite, and I've used up tubes of this before. It's got a lightweight whipped texture, and doesn't feel hot on the skin, making it an ideal choice for the Philippine climate. I usually use this under some BB Cream, and I keep my general makeup routine during the summer really lowkey and simple. On many days, I don't even use any form of base makeup anymore. 

Get your samples now before they run out!

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