Full Face of Sunglow By Fresh
Full Face of Sunglow By Fresh

Bright days ahead, even though 2020 is probably the darkest year in our lives!

Sunglow was due to have a major launch the week that Manila was placed in lockdown. I was excited about this launch and found it sad that it was a victim of bad timing. Looking back, everything escalated within a week! March 8 was when I remember the government revealing the first cases of local transmission, and then it escalated to a lockdown the next week, and then now we are under the world's longest-running lockdown. If they actually scheduled the event a week earlier, the event would have pushed through. 

But even without PR events, the online demand for Sunglow has obviously been huge. Online sentiment has also largely been positive, and even on the worst days of ECQ, people still found a way to get Sunglow goodies! Now, I'm also glad to have tried out the products and share insights about them. Congratulations to Mae Layug and Rei Germar for this successful collaboration! 

My try on and first impressions video is now on YouTube! Check it out: 

And here are the products so far! I say "so far" because I do feel that they will launch more products due to very good public reception. They were most likely eyeing a March launch date in order to have the products hit the shelves right in time for the summertime. I didn't have any trips planned for this summer but I feel bad for everyone who had beach trips planned and everything. These items are really ideal for travel, so I hope that we can use them for our beach trips when the pandemic settles down! 
Sunglow by Fresh with Mae Layug and Rei Germar Sun Mist, Crème Tinted Sunscreen, Tinted Lipscreen, Set & Fix Mattifying Powder SPF50 PA+++ products
Sunglow By Fresh Products

Sunglow Sun Mist SPF50 PA+++  (Php299 for 100mL) is the perfect sunscreen spray for those who hate sunscreen. It's lightweight, has no greasy feel, and has a very hydrating feel. This is perfect for kids who are usually finicky when their parents try to apply sunscreen on them. You can spray these onto them as they try to run away to play hahaha. This comes with a nice shower fresh fragrance, so I appreciate how the team took the time to make the sunscreen application process pleasant. The sun is harming us 24/7, but people usually skip sunscreen because of how plenty of sunscreens are too sticky for our already humid climate. With this sunscreen that's so easy to use, so pleasant on the skin, and just so pleasant overall, there's no excuse to skip sunscreen anymore! 

Another notable feature is there are two covers. One transparent lid directly on top of the spray nozzle, and then the larger pink cover that clasps onto the bottle body. My guess is that they made this so that this is highly unlikely to leak in your suitcase should you bring this with you on a trip. 

Sunglow By Fresh (with Rei Germar and Mae Layug) Sun Mist SPF50 PA+++
Sunglow By Fresh Sun Mist SPF50 PA+++

Sunglow Crème Tinted Sunscreen SPF50 PA+++ (Php429 for 50mL) comes in three shades: fair, medium, and deep. I was sent the fair shade, and it worked on me perfectly (as you can see in my video)! As reference, I am a Maybelline FitMe! 112/115 and a MAC NW20 (very fair pinkish skin tone). I have not seen the other shades in real life, but this fair shade has a beige undertone to itt. This has Centella Asiatica (for skin healing), Sunflower Oil (for moisture retention), and Niacinamide (for imroved pore appearance).  I'd say that it has a very, very light floral powdery fragrance, although it's very faint that it's more of the ingredients that you're bound to sniff. 

Sunglow By Fresh (with Rei Germar and Mae Layug) Crème Tinted Sunscreen (Fair) SPF50 PA+++
Sunglow By Fresh Crème Tinted Sunscreen (Fair) SPF50 PA+++

Sunglow Tinted Lipscreen SPF50 PA+++ (Php249 for 10g) also comes in three shades: Sangria (chili orange-red shade), Sunkissed (medium clay red shade), and Very Berry (bright cherry red shade). This is a very unique release in the industry, as this is the first item I have seen that addresses sun care for the lips. I have seen sunscreen for the hair, but not for the lips. I have also heard about companies churning all kinds of formulations, but no one has explored this format yet. 

Sangria and Very Berry are both translucent and strawberry scented, while Sunkissed is opaque and cocoa scented. These come with a balm-like texture and are enriched with Sunflower Oil, Coconut Oil, and Peppermint extract to soothe and soften the lips. 

Sunglow By Fresh (with Rei Germar and Mae Layug) Tinted Lipscreen (Sangria, Sunkissed, Very Berry) SPF50 PA+++
Sunglow By Fresh Tinted Lipscreen SPF50 PA+++ 

Sunglow Set & Fix Mattifying Powder SPF50 PA+++ (Php419 for 10g) is designed to go on sheerly and to be thin and wispy that it can be reapplied throughout the day. This has the same texture as our beloved no sebum fine milled powders, but in a pressed powder format. This also has Sunflower Oil and Niacinamide like the other products and also has Grapeseed Oil to improve skin elasticity. This goes on very lightly, and I like that while it's mattifying, it's also wispy enough to still keep a dewy appearance. Sometimes, when the look is too matte, it doesn't look good anymore. 
Sunglow By Fresh (with Rei Germar and Mae Layug) Set & Fix Mattifying Powder SPF50 PA+++
Sunglow By Fresh Set & Fix Mattifying Powder SPF50 PA+++

These items are also available in bundle sets at Lazada. Get your bundle today!

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