I know it took forever, but finally, my E! Bloggers Ball vlog is finally up! Better late than never, right? It felt so weird to edit footages with so many people together in one place! The last wedding I attended at a hotel with so many people together was in late December 2019––it feels like eons ago. The quarantine has really changed the way we do events, eh? 

It was so nice to relive memories with friends in the industry. I have no idea when there can be a party like this again in the Philippines, so I guess I'm glad I filmed and edited this footage (?) Hope yall enjoy this vlog!

And tee hee I love this photo! I know it's not the kind for IG, but knowing that there won't be events like this for a long time, I just like having all the information about the event on the tarpaulin behind me.
dollupmari at E! Bloggers Ball 2018

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