New YouTube upload! Check it out:

This is the Youtube reupload of my livestream which was done on Facebook. Yeah this is a messy story. I originally set the livestream to be done on YouTube, but a few minutes before I went live, my HDMI capture card got glitchy footage of my DSLR. I made a last minute change to using my camera webcam. Then our internet malfunctioned, so YouTube wasn't getting any decent video feeds from OBS. OBS (my streaming software) also got too overloaded and was barely transmitting anything. In short, it was a total livestream nightmare wherein everything went wrong. So I just had to transfer to Facebook and just do the livestream without the overlays and powerpoints I originally prepared for OBS. This is the livestream I had on Facebook: 

I went on even though it wasn't the best video quality as I was nonetheless thrilled to be sharing my 11.11 finds and favorites. I hope y'all enjoy these videos, just ignore the bad video quality!!!