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Friday, January 24, 2014

CanMake Powder Eyebrow (12-Light) Review

For one of the rare times in my life, I bought eyebrow powder. Not that I live in a cave, but rather I was always accustomed to using pencil. I have giant hairless gaps on my eyebrow area that's why I always felt the need to buy eyebrow pencil because the wax sticks better onto the gaps on my eyebrows compared to powder. Moreover, many of mom's powders that I've tried didn't work well on me. No is just my second time to try a powdered product. This is CanMake's powder brow, one of their powdered eyebrow products.

If you look closely, there's a cellophane sheet seemingly below the logo of CanMake. That is the description for the two shades that this powder set has. On the left side, as shown, is the base color, and on the right side is the deep color. Ideally, in terms of the Western concept on eyebrows, your brows should be lighter near the inner corners, to somewhat blend into the contours of your nose, and constantly a darker color from the area after the inner corners to the outer corners. The other main thing about Western concepts is that the eyebrows are shaped to provide the highest arch possible, and product is applied to accetuate the arch. The colors are also usually very dark, as in the darkest that the person's hair color can accommodate. Eyebrow powder is selected based on what is 2-3 shades lighter than the person's current hair color... 

The product is intended such that you use the base color on your whole eyebrow and just blend in the deep color on the areas not including the inner corners. This way, you need not constantly rub and rub and rub your eyebrows just to lighten the inner corners anymore. With strategic placement of powder, you can achieve great looking eyebrows without having to take too long to blend. 

But this is also useful even for the Asian concepts of eyebrow makeup as the colors are somehow light enough for the usual Asian (but still not gyaru kind of light though). The Asian concept, on the other hand, does not require a gradient on the eyebrows, and in fact does not observe facial contouring as something important in makeup. In fact, only a handful of popular Japanese brands sell shading powder/ contouring products... And going back to the eyebrows, Asians just need to make sure that the eyebrows are not a hot mess and that hairs aren't all over the place, but there needn't be an arch. A lot of Asians are born with little to no arch, and they simply enhance this. This is why people think of straight eyebrows when they think of K-pop. Even geisha's have straight eyebrows hahaha...  

And a lot of Asians are not born with deep set eyes (I mean I don't even think that there's a purebred Asian with deep set eyes!!!) and with eyebrows close to their eye sockets, so this is why they usually prefer light colors to put on the eyebrows because too dark a color will drive the attention from the eyes to the eyebrows alone.  

 I can say that I am one of the few Asians who forcibly shapes my eyebrows to have the highest arch possible... 

As for the applicator, it comes with two tips, a brush tip and a rubbery tip. The rubbery tip is for applying powder to the whole eyebrow, and the rubbery tip is for making lines.

These are swatches of the product on my arm, for those who just want to see the colors themselves without influence from my eyebrow hairs' color.  

Technically, it still does not do a perfect job in covering all my eyebrow gaps, and I still need a lot of time and effort to make sure that all the bald spots are covered. I really wish that this kit came with its own tub of eyebrow wax so I can just bring this when traveling and I'd no longer need to make an effort to bring another eyebrow brush or another kit just for the wax or eyeshadow primer. But at least it has fared better than the other powders that I've tried. 

And what I like is that it's got a natural feel to it. I mean my eyebrows look like they were airbrushed or something when I use pencil, but somehow the line is too smooth that it no longer feels real at times. I don't think there is actually a person born with perfectly shaped and smoothened out eyebrows... 

So I got this set from Log-On in Hong Kong for 74 HKD (Php 407)

This is 12-Light, described as a subdued light brown. 

For those who are interested to buy this, I have yet to see if CanMake Philippines already sells this in their stores because as of now they're still introducing the brand to Pinoys and are just importing the most popular items of the brand... Technically they don't have a store yet but their products can be bought online at BDJ Box Shop (online), GlamourboxPH, Digital Traincase (but in the flesh only and not online) in Ortigas, Somera in Glorietta 2, and perhaps a few other locations they have yet to reveal... 

What can you say about the divide between the Western and Eastern way of doing eyebrows? Please do tell me in the comments box! 

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