Hooray for non-expired hair color that colors evenly! (you guys must've read my sad Palty hair dye story about a week ago. I put in effort to color my hair and all only to no results because it turns out the box I bot was already expired!). And don't worry, I colored my hair with the tainted Palty one and this one a week apart as what was recommended to avoid hair damage. 

At least I got results and got more or less got evenly colored hair!

So this is Liese's bubble hair color, with honey moisturizing ingredient. The formula is a foam type hair color which coats the hair evenly during coloring to get desirable results. This color is marshmallow brown, although the Chinese name seems to better translate to Caramel brown. Honestly even I do not know of marshmallows colored like this.

So these are some of the warnings that you may want to take note of should you want to try this out. 

And do take note of the presence of toluene-2,5-diamine in case this piece of information can affect you. 

And thankfully before I bought this one, I checked the bottom of the box candidly and at least found out that this will not expire anytime soon and is a legit product! My tip now is to always check the bottoms of the boxes of hair color kits because as you can see an expired box of Palty hair color made it to my hands!

And these are the characteristics of the hair color. The promise is that the hair ends up nice and soft and shiny, with honey and hydrolyzed silk. Honey is a common thing in Kao Corporation products as the whole Essential haircare line (of shampoos and conditioners) also boasts honey as a key ingredient. In fact, most of Essential's products smell like honey... 

And now this is reality, I have really dark hair and have really really chemically resistant hair which is why I do not have very high expectations with any hair color product. I did use liese the last time I was able to effectively color my hair but that was about four months ago and the color I selected back then was dark as it was Chocolate Brown. So technically my hair is now almost back to normal...  

What I like is that they have a safety seal on the flap of the box for consumer safety. 

And this one looks like the example of the result when applied on light color hair. I learned to be less dependent on box flaps as the colors displayed here are the lightest shades. 

And yes they really have a lot of warnings on the box... 

So this is the whole kit in one glance. 

The oxide water now has a sleeve with all sorts of instructions and warnings...

This is the oxide water. The dotted line on the bottom represents the maximum level that the hair dye should be at after you've put it on your hair, assuming that your hair is a bit shorter. They promise color for shoulder length hair if you use up the whole thing. 

This is the hair color bottle on the other hand. The bottle is smaller compared to the last time I colored my hair. 

And this is the included treatment to use on your hair after shampooing the hair color off. 

Lastly, this is the bag containing the cardboard for the allergy test and the gloves included. 

 This is the mixture freshly mixed. It basically just becomes blue after.

Since I had already elaborated the whole allergy test process last time, I just put in the summary photo here... 

And now it's color time! And now here I am opening the oxide water bottle. 

I now add in the hair color into this bottle. 

And all that I do is tilt, tilt, tilt. This is not supposed to be shaken because I think that it may overflow or explode with too much pressure (but I am not exactly sure what their reasons are for prohibiting shaking). 

This is the look after about 5 tilts. 

And this is the final desired effect after about 20 tilts. The box says to tilt 5 times, but I realized that my hair's uneven-ness last time may not have just been due to my noob-ness but also due to me not tilting well enough that the hair dye mixture was not evenly spread on my hair, with some areas only having the color and some the oxide. We of course know that without mixing the two, the dye will simply not work. 

I now replace the lid with the pump bottle lid included in the kit. 

And now I squeeze out my first foam bubble. Yipee! 

No I am not trying to be a space alien it's just that I was already too guilty of tainting our capes at home I decided to repurpose a shipping bag (as in the giant bag they put stuff in when your online seller hands your stuff to the courier) and put it over my shoulder as a protector. I also chose to wear a shirt that I don't mind getting stained. 

They recommend using the hands but since I did not want to dirty my hands, I used this brush. Moreover, I realized that a brush like this may end up with better results as it can comb over my hair better than my fingers. 

And this is the first application shot. As you can see my hair is tied in a ponytail and not all the hair is down. This is because last time I also kinda thought that my uneven hair color was due to me not sectioning my hair and applying the color in several layers. 

Initially your hair will kind of absorb the foam and it won't be very visible or saturated on the hair. As for this layer since this will be toppled over by many other layers of hair brimming with hair color and because this is the least likely area to be seen, I leave it as is. 

This is the next layer. I pay attention to this as this will be more visible. 

I just keep on applying and applying the foam... 

And this is now my hair after the last layer has been let down. The foam has a tendency to not apply super evenly so I always make it a point to check which areas may be lacking and which areas have too much foam already.

And this is me after more or less after all the hair color has been applied. Even though my hair is still not let legit shoulder length I decide to use up everything in the bottle because it's better to have better coated hair than to lack in coating it.

I now use my brush to even out the hair color on my hair.

Only after I have evened things out with my brush do I wear the glove to massage my hair and to further even things out. 

And finally, these are the results: 

Before (sorry if my hair seems oily as you can't take a bath right before coloring your hair as water will ruin it. I also did not color in the morning and saved it for the afternoon so that it'd be in sync with my usual bath schedule)




In general, I love the results! The color went on really evenly, was obvious despite my hair being so chemically resistant, and the color itself was flattering. 

I was also pleased that it was similar to the color prescribed on the box flap even if that's the peg for people with really light hair before the coloring. 
It's really obvious that something happened. And at least, my hair looks really really close to the result promised for people with dark colored hair. The product has lived true to its promise. 

Ta-da I just love this color! I actually got quite a lot of compliments over this!

The most important thing though is that Liese is the brand to go to if you do not want damage. My hair was back to its normal soft condition a day after coloring. And even if I was a rebel and put it on waaay longer than recommended, my hair's behavior the next day was that as if no chemical treatment had occurred. Hair is soft, silky, and shiny and bears no evidence of chemical damage. 

I also love the fact that my chemically resistant hair even shows good results with this baby! However, I still cannot dismiss the fact that it colors a lot near the scalp but colors less near the ends. I have noticed this the last time and this time that I used this again. This somehow works as a lot of people will see the area near the scalp more than the ends, but this may not be a good thing to hear for everyone. 

I love this product a lot and will definitely get this one again next time. This is my second time to use this brand and most definitely not the last. However, I don't recommend everyone to use a shower cap and leave it on for extended hours like I did as these are not recommended in the box. This is just because I know I have chemically resistant hair and need more time for products to work on me, and just because I can't stand the smell of ammonia and can afford to shower cap and all since my hair is that resistant. If you are not in the same situation as I am, please don't repeat the same things at home to avoid untoward occurrences, especially on the first try. 

I got this hair color from watsons in Hong Kong for 80HKD (orig. price 80HKD= Php480++) with a 15 dollar discount (65HKD= 380Php++) because I bought two boxes of these in one transaction. 

In the Philippines, you can get this too but mostly from online sellers (you can try Japanichi shop,
 they sell it for Php600 a box. It's the same product, just with a different working name). However, I look forward to seeing this in department store shelves! 

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