NYX Round Lipsticks Chaos Review
 Hooray for for red! This is NYX's Round Lipstick in Chaos. I am aware that NYX has a red lipstick that's called Snow White but I personally think that this is already a Snow White-ish shade...

This is one of those shades that kind of brings out the limitations of a beauty blogger... I mean I can swatch it and all and show how it looks like on my lips, but I can't really show how it will look like on people of other skintones... Personally I find this color quite racist in the sense that from the looks of the color it will not suit many skintones, I am just not very sure if it will not suit the medium, dark, or both medium and dark skintones...

I am always told that being fair-skinned is an advantage as a lot of lipsticks will suit me, and I guess this is one of those times when the advantage works for me as an individual but not as a beauty blogger...

NYX Round Lipsticks Chaos

On the bottom there's a 511 written on it, because it's the working code I think.

And these are the ingredients of the lipstick. It's made in Taiwan, thankfully. 
NYX Round Lipsticks Chaos Ingredients

It's a blue based true red, but not very very blue to be THAT shocking... However, the fact that it as a true red as its base means that it will look more shocking on some skintones... the blue tint is definitely not helping either...
This is the arm swatch. It's really a perky and vibrant color, eh?
NYX Round Lipsticks Chaos Swatch

On the lips, this is how it looks like... comfort wise it's really creamy and spreads well, and feels nourishing. This is not long lasting though, and this may stain teeth if not treated with care. You'd prolly have to reapply this every hour or so.
NYX Round Lipsticks Chaos Lip Swatch 

NYX Round Lipstick in Chaos

NYX Round Lipstick in Chaos

I do hope that this can somehow be a helpful review even if this shade seems particularly difficult to gauge! I got this for Php100 from NYX Wholesale PH, though I think they already underwent a price hike... 

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