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Monday, October 27, 2014

Etude House Baking Powder Pore Cleansing Foam Review (Holy Grail Product)

If I were to be asked about three adjectives by which I'd describe Etude House's Baking Powder Pore Cleansing Foam with, they'd be: Crazy, Amazing, and Out of This World. 

As in I am not kidding when I am saying that this product is insane in getting blackheads off. Like no. Take it from the girl who has more blackheads than the stars in the galaxy (hyperbole intended). 

I've used a lot of facial washes that made the skin feel clean, and while they did make my skin feel clean (and stay clean and safe from pimples and all that), this is by far the only facial wash (take note that this is a wash, not a scrub) that has shown extremely noticeable blackhead reduction results in one wash. 

If you're surprised as to why my photos are so white and bright today, it's because it's only today that I realized that Google had been auto-editing my photos all this time and that all the times the photos came out dark in my blog was not because of poor photography lighting but rather Google was doing its own thing... It was only today that I noticed because in iPhoto the background was white and when I uploaded it here it was dark grey that I said that oh something must be up...

Soooo, digression aside, this is the cleansing foam. It's basically one of Etude House Philippines' strongest skincare offerings because this used to be sold in their stores, got out of stock, and came back by popular demand. I think they added some new products to the whole Baking Powder line this time, but this wash itself, I remember seeing this in Etude House stores about two years ago or so. You can call this the great comeback. 

I was actually unsure why people wanted this so badly that it made a comeback. I was happy with the results given by their Every Month Cleansing Foam product line, and thought at first that this would be the same. Prior to the comeback, I've never used anything from this product line so I had absolutely no idea how this worked. 

As for the secret as to why it works so so so so crazily good, I think it will simply be thanks to the 0.1% baking powder (or sodium bicarbonate in the ingredient list below), which is known to be gritty (acting as a super mild exfoliant), absorbent of impurities, and great against oil. It has a light citrusy scent, thanks to the lemon and orange extracts in it. Other than that, the product's ingredients are typical facial wash ingredients. It has no parabens in it, but it has sodium benzoate as preservative for the concerned folks out there. This is 170 mL and is made in Korea.

As for customer safety, each tube comes with a cellophane wrapping.

And each tube has a foil covering over the spout to make sure that the product is truly new and unused once it reaches the consumer's hands. 

Color wise, it's just the usual pearly white facial wash color. Yes I think we should now declare pearly white facial wash color as an official pantone color hahaha. 

It's as if I had used a pore strip on my nose. 

It also got rid of all the oiliness, and I could feel my face was oil free for at least half the day. I now understand why this is so in demand-- it's perfect for the Philippines. It's able to keep oil at bay even in our extremely humid weather, and it's really able to address whiteheads and blackheads and keep the skin clear and free from sebum and blemishes. I honestly think that this will be able to make miracles for all the other people who have very oily skin, though I have yet to see how this will work on someone with dry and flaky skin (as in it can either clear off the flakes or dry the person's skin further, so let's see). 

I think it's best to rush to the nearest Etude House branch now and get this... Each tube is at Php328, and though it may seem pricey at first, please do take note that this is about thrice or four times the size of the usual Ph120 facial washes in the grocery. This product has really good value for money given its quality and amount (it wouldn't be Holy Grail had it not been for these traits). 

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me by the marketing team of Etude House, but in no way was I paid or compensated to do this review. My opinions are fair and unbiased. 

What has been your most life changing Etude House product? Please do tell me in the comments box! 

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  1. I believe every product I have tried from Etude House has changed my life teehee! ^ w ^

    1. Good answer! Fit for a beauty pageant kind of answer hahahaha

  2. Just purchased this yesterday because I read this review haha :)
    I'm curious, do you use this every single day? Or do you have another cleansing foam that you use alternately w/ this? :)

    1. Wow, thank you for supporting the brand! As for usage, I do not use this exclusively as I am also reviewing three other facial washes at the time, but whenever I need something to handle my pores, I still use this without much thought because it really is the best with blackheads.

  3. After reading this few days ago I went to Etude house but unfortunately it's out of stock. :( I buy the baking powder cleansing cream instead. Do you think it has the same effect? :) I have lots of whiteheads and I want to eliminate them. kkkk

    1. I think the whole Baking Powder line has the same target effect (which is to combat whiteheads and blackheads), which is why I think any product in the product line would be fine :)

  4. is it can make face brighter? since summer, my face looks so dull. thanks :D

  5. Hi i just read your review. Omg thank you so
    Much. But i would like to ask you something.
    I bought the bakinh powder bb pore cleansing one. Do you think it also removes blackheads
    And whiteheads? Does it also minimize pores?
    Thank you ��

    1. Generally, with continued use, it helps with all the issues regarding pores. :D

  6. When can I use it it? Day or night?