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Monday, June 22, 2015

Etude House Enamelting Shade 22 Review

Hooray for another Enamelting review! This time I tried out shade 22. It's a nice, creamy salmon pink shade. To be honest, the color kinda gave me salmon cravings... I also wanted to show the polish day after day. It lasted on me for six days, which is already a major major feat for someone who can barely last more than two days with a manicure. Another reason why this is a big feat is because I was able to get a thick layer of polish on my nails that it almost looks like acrylic nail polish and still got it to last that long...

On day 5, actually, there were already some peel offs happening. The peel offs don't happen on the tip of your nails much but more of on the nail bed near the cuticle. This is why for best results, use a cuticle remover, and apply the polish in such a way that it's thicker as it goes towards the tip of the nails, and very very thin on the cuticle area...

I tried to "repair" the peel offs by applying nail polish on the area and sticking the gel back onto the nail, but it just made the polish last one more morning. By afternoon, the gel became brittle and peeled off by itself already. I wanna try next time, though, if I could use the base gel to repair peel offs and cure it under the lamp... 
I definitely recommend this shade because it looks really, really girly and dainty and everything. I also like that it's versatile in the sense that it looks fun and perky but isn't too loud for most settings... The fact that this was out of stock when I visited Etude House in Korea is already enough testament, I think, as to how lovable this shade is.

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  1. Cute shade Mari! It's like a fiesta shade! =)

  2. I love Etude! Color looks like a great candy pink, might have to try this