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Thursday, November 05, 2015

Maybelline Velvet Matte (Mat 12) Review and Swatches (Holy Grail Product)

Save the best for last. This is my favorite Velvet Matte shade, alongside Mat 2, but well, I love this more. This is why I am bestowing a now rare holy grail status to it. I am an extreme sucker for nude shades and I really love the very unique nude-ness this has. I never thought nude would work this well with me. 

So yeah, this is Mat 12. This is a standout in the whole collection because it's the only nude one. Every other color is all about vivid, in your face colors. And then this one is all about a nude so pigmented you can't live without it.

It's got a base of a brownish-peach color. Since my arm is more or less a pale patch, it shows its true color. 

But the moment you apply it onto the lips, the product plays with the lips' natural color in perfect harmony. I know this is not a satisfactory result for some people who really want to see the color itself, and would go to the lengths of using a lip concealer to get the color more accurately. 

It has a neutral effect on the teeth, too. I don't feel that my teeth seem whiter with this one.

 This is among the most flattering MLBB shades I have ever used, and I really will be looking to this whenever I want a natural looking lippie.

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