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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Olay Skin Whitening Bar (with Rose and Milk) Review

So the last time I did a review of a product from Sample Room it was also from Olay, so I guess you can say that I have a fancy way to get Olay products as it always comes from Sample Room wahaha.

So yaaay! This is my review for their new #OneWashWonder Skin Whitening Bars. This I think is the leading variant because it's pink (yes, in the FMCG world, almost all women's products are driven by pink). I got this for 20 points at Sample Room and paid a 100 peso shipping fee, which isn't bad given that I got other products in my haul, and that it turned out to be a nice product!

I miss doing soap bar reviews so this is a fun thing for me to do today. 

Before I start, feel free to check out my review of the whole Skin Whitening Bar collection and my Sample Room haul in the vernacular on YouTube! 

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

I Want to Become Sample Room's Next Beauty Insider

It's about time. 

I honestly don't know if "It's about time" is the right answer because that'd be so vague and everything. 

So to answer the question as to why I'd like to be Sample Room's Beauty Insider is probably just going to hinge on the simple reason that I want to be able to propagate in my own way what Sample Room has done for me. 

I admit it, I am not a regular Sample Room sampler. I don't always get to order stuff from the site because I'm super busy with school and I'm super busy with my own blog schedule here. But I have always been a recipient of the newsletters and I've always subscribed to it, for the reason that it has helped me keep myself abreast on the latest products and services out there in the market. Like I said in my other posts, it's very easy to get engrossed in what you do in your own blog's schedule that a lot of times, bloggers like me are unaware already of what are the latest trends and releases. There's just so much going on that you can't keep up at times. 

The great thing about Sample Room that it makes the trying out less daunting and more exciting. I am quickly aware of the latest trends, and I am blessed with the privilege to try them out without going out simply by punching an order on the website and paying for my shipping electronically. What transpires next is a giddy two or three day wait for the samples to arrive. And perhaps, I think I understand that they always send things out in those cute bags even if they could have just bubble wrapped everything and shoved them into the courier bags is for the reason that it's an experience in itself. In the few times I got packages for myself it was an exciting un-bagging of the items, and knowing that the items were the items that I liked and the ones that I purposefully chose for myself make it all the more exciting. There's a different kind of excitement when you get a subscription box and you're looking forward to be surprised and when you receive a Sample Room bag and are so excited to be finally receiving the products you've been dying to try. 

So, how do I come into the equation? 

I think that through my honest sharing of my own experiences for Sample Room, I can add to the conversation and make people more involved with the site. My role will not only be being the insider in events and product launches, but it will also be sharing the way I see things in the human manner I've always done most of the things here in the blog for the past gazillion years (a.k.a. 3-4, depending on whether you count based on anniversaries or based on the year I started). 

I, for instance, am now so addicted to Olay's Moisture Outlast body wash ever since I tried it over at Sample Room. Ever since the trial, I have hoarded the stuff, especially during discount seasons and when they have value packs. I probably have a stock of like six bottles at home now, and have used three aside from those six bottles in stock. If I had never tried it out on Sample Room, I honestly would have not really gotten out of my way to try the product. I have supple-r (i don't know if suppler is a real word mehehe) skin now thanks to using the product and thanks to finding out about it. I wish that more people know about good products like these. 

And if I could be Sample Room's partner in delivering good news like these to change and improve the lives of people, it'd be an absolute honor for me. 

And well, if anything, please consider the fact that I am cute, hardworking, and with two cats to feed. 

So if you're wondering why I want to be the next Beauty Insider, whelp, there you go. 

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

My May 2016 Sample Room Haul

So here is Mari back from the caves! The last time I got a Sample Room package was quite awhile back, so it's so nice to get a package again. I understand the Sample Room addicts because you really just get so giddy and ecstatic whenever you wait for your package to arrive! 

Check out my vlog!

I think as a blogger, if you've been doing it for quite some time, you already have your own schedule. You have your own obligations to fulfill, blogging plans, content concepts and everything, that it's easy to get so engrossed in it. What I have always liked about Sample Room is that whether I am ordering from them or not, simply being a part of their newsletter already makes me aware of the newest products that are being launched and those products that end up winning the hearts of many. You are always abreast with what is going on with the beauty world even if you're doing your own thing. 

Sunday, May 29, 2016

The Voice In Your Song feat. Jed Dumawal (May 28, 2016)

So hello! This is my mom's experience taking a songwriting workshop under Jed Dumawal. I basically asked her about her experience so that she wouldn't have to write it anymore. So she is kinda like guest blogging but not guest blogging. 

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Beauty Beyond Skin Deep Workshop feat. RDI and Shiseido

I attend makeup workshops almost all the time, and each time I'm invited to attend another one I'm like "My gashh another one again?!" and everytime I go and hear what the speaker says I also feel thankful afterwards that I went to that workshop. This is yet another one of those days. 

I was invited to blog about Raffles Design Institute's Create Fest Manila, their art festival in partnership with Thou Art in Heaven. I was requested in specific to blog about the makeup workshop even if there were actually quite a lot of workshops going on (there was a calligraphy, fabric flower making, bento, spoken word, and songwriting). So I went. 

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Create Fest Manila (May 28, 2016)

Last May 28, Raffles Design Institute partnered up with Thou Art in Heaven to come up with Create Fest Manila, an art festival. 

Raffles Design Institute Manila is an international college run by Raffles Education Corporation, which is one of the largest education groups in Asia Pacific. They have campuses in 29 cities in 13 countries, and listed in the Top 50 Fashion Design Schools in the world.

On the other hand, Thou Art in Heaven is a non-profit organization founded in 2012 that aims to share the heart of God through different forms of art, thus their tagline: “Sharing the heart of God one art at a time.” It is a marketplace ministry highlighting the arts as a tool to strengthen an individual’s creativity and spirituality at the same time.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Zen Zest 15th Anniversary Event (May 22, 2016)

Happy 15th, Zen Zest! Last May 22, Zen Zest treated us bloggers to a very very very scrumptious meal at Le Petit Souffle at the Century City mall. The meal was soooo heavy that you can feel the grandiose of their anniversary hahaha.

But on a more serious note, it feels so surreal to be part of this event because time just goes by soooo quickly. I never really stopped to count that Zen Zest has been in the industry for that long. If it's 15 years, it technically means that it's been there since I was in Kinder 2 hahhahahahaha

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Hive Mind Store Opening (May 19, 2016)

Let's all face it. Shopping for gadgets is fun, but it can get tricky at times. There are just sooo many brands, specs, and features for each kind of product that it can be difficult to make a choice. 

Digital Walker understands that, so it made Hive Mind. The dictionary definition of the term kind of puts the whole store concept into perspective: a notional entity consisting of a large number of people who share their knowledge or opinions with one another, regarded as producing either uncritical conformity or collective intelligence. 

Hive Mind is Digital Walker's concept store wherein they round up and rank the 10 bestselling products for each division. The rankings are based on sales data and are updated regularly. So it's like getting advice from everyone, like all your friends, about what new gadget to buy. 

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Gigi Hadid X Penshoppe Event (May 17, 2016)

If you've been to EDSA this week, you already know what's going on. But in case you missed it, Gigi Hadid is now officially Penshoppe's newest muse! And she is the new muse because Penshoppe just released its Power Stretch jeans, its jeans line for girls who are on the go, comfort conscious but fashion and style savvy! Gigi perfectly embodies the persona of the Power Stretch wearer, so it was a perfect fit (no pun intended mehehe). 

Check out the moment she was unveiled here in my vlog! 

Friday, May 27, 2016

Aqua Mineral Event (May 15, 2016)

#SundaySalt #BreathingYourWayToBeauty Weee! So last May 15, Aqua Mineral invited quite a bounty of bloggers to come together and experience their products and services.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Beauty News: Maybelline Rosy Matte Lipstick is Here!!!

You may also check out my reviews for each shade!!!
Mat 1 (Natural Beige)- A light strawberry mauve.
Mat 2 (Salmon Pink)- A creamy coral pink, or salmon pink for that matter!
Mat 3 (Rosy Peach)- A muted and milky mauve, or counts as a dusty rose.
Mat 4 (Apricot Beige)- Melon ice cream turned lipstick!

Mat 5 (Soft Pink)- A creamy strawberry milkshake pink.

When sultry, smoky eyes or luscious, long lashes are the main focus of a woman’s makeup, nude-hued lips were originally worn to downplay a beauty look. But today, nudes have evolved into becoming a style staple and statement perfect for that clean and sexy everyday look.

From the power lip franchise, Color Sensational, that brought us the hottest-selling Creamy Matte and the most vivacious lip colors with Vivid Matte – the World’s No. 1 Makeup Brand, Maybelline New York, unveils a universally flattering rosy nude lip collection for the Filipina skin tone with Rosy Matte.

“Most Filipinas shy away from nude lipsticks because they believe nudes, more often than not, don’t match against the Filipina skin.” shares Kat Diaz, Product Manager of Maybelline New York. “Maybelline New York, being the World’s No. 1 makeup brand that offers Filipinas the trendiest lipsticks for all women, understands this specific need of Filipinas and with this, we proudly launch Rosy Mattes in the Philippines. Never look dull, never look washed out with our five sensational Rosy Matte shades!”

Maybelline New York’s ever-popular lip franchise, Color Sensational, has always delivered the best of lipsticks with amazing colors, finishing it with superior formula – and Rosy Matte is no exception to this.  Get fully sensational lips with Rosy Matte’s high

pigmentation, lasting power, hydrating, and light-weight features in just one swipe. With five lustful and obsession-worthy shades to choose from: Natural Beige, Soft Pink, Rosy Peach, Apricot Beige, and Salmon Pink – get the right shade for your skin tone and get ready to embrace the nude lip trend you’ve always wanted to try!

With Color Sensational Rosy Matte by Maybelline New York, dare to go nude for only P299 starting June 1, 2016. Products are available at all Maybelline counters nationwide.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Stores to Visit: Hive Mind Now in TriNoma!

Digital Walker, the metro’s go-to gadget store for the coolest tech accessories, understands that when it comes to accessories for precious gadgets, customers want nothing but the best. But not everyone has the time or patience to go through catalogues of items. This is the reason Digital Walker has recently come up with a new concept store that offers nothing but the best performing gadgets in the market—Hive Mind.

Hive Mind is a forward-thinking concept store designed with the most discerning techies in mind. The concept involves creating a tech hub that houses nothing but the best performing premium accessories today, to make it easier for anyone to find the right one for the job. The selection is based on the demands of Digital Walker’s customers. From each category, the ten most sought-after accessories as well as the top ten brands make it to the store.

“To this day, peer recommendation is still among the best ways to know exactly how a product performs,” shares Charles Paw, CEO of Digits Trading Inc. “We are lobbying on purchase history to narrow down the selection to only the best. It’s like listening to thousands of tech enthusiasts and taking their choices to make it easier for others to find the right gadget.”

“In the social setting, hive mind refers to an entity composed of a large number of individuals who share their knowledge and opinions with each other to come up with a collective intelligence. It is purposeful and is meant to serve the general public. The same can be said about our store,” Paw adds.

The first Hive Mind is located on TriNoma Mall’s third level. Featuring colors and a layout that is reflective of the guiding principle behind the brand, its design allows its staff to quickly replace the accessories based on new data provided by Digital Walker.

To know more about Hive Mind and its offerings, visit, LIKE Digital Walker on Facebook or FOLLOW @digitalwalkerph on Instagram and Twitter.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Fashion News: Go More Places with Penshoppe's Power Stretch Jeans

International fashion brand Penshoppe has a new line of specialty jeans that aims to make it easier for girls to go more places with pieces that combine ultra-comfort with definitively stylish designs. Inspired by the multi-faceted lifestyle of today’s young generation—one that combines passion for work and life outside the office—the new collection demonstrates the ease of changing looks to appropriately fit into different occasions, with Penshoppe and Gigi Hadid making sure that there’s a piece for every personal style.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Fashion News: Gigi Hadid is Penshoppe's Newest Global Ambassador

There’s no stopping Penshoppe on its mission to put the Philippines front and center in the glamorous world of international fashion. Right after launching high fashion’s golden boy, Lucky Blue Smith, as its newest global ambassador, the well-loved casual wear brand now welcomes another industry superstar to the already star-studded TEAM PENSHOPPE—Gigi Hadid.

For her first campaign with the brand, the 21-year old California native serves as the face (and body) for The Penshoppe Power Stretch Jeans, a line of specialty pants that promises to take its wearer to more places with the use of soft stretchable material that provides absolute comfort plus a snug and flattering fit. Her photos were shot on location in sunny Los Angeles by top fashion and celebrity photographer, Yu Tsai, who Gigi has worked with since she was 14.
Gigi joins fellow top models Lucky Blue Smith, Sean O’Pry and Kendall Jenner as well as Asian superstars Dara Park and Mario Maurer in endorsing Penshoppe.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Beauty News: Aqua Mineral Launches Its First Ever Salt Room in the Philippines

The first and the most trusted skin care brand when it comes to Dead Sea Mineral based skin care
products brings us another innovative and unique concept this quarter.

Aqua Mineral has brought us a wide array of cosmetics ranging from the basic skin care to anti
aging products to men’s care sets and the most amazing and awesome products when it comes to
And now they have just launched the first salt room in the country! Yes, SALT. Look at this beauty! 

This concept was conceived and inspired by the hundreds of years old Natural Salt Caves of Europe which have been in the news as salt miners are rarely, if at all, ever sick. With this newfound elixir of health the concept of salt rooms or halo-therapy centers was born. This technology has been enjoyed by many western countries, as Salt Therapy is recommended for various ailments and illnesses.

Aqua Mineral’s salt rooms are virtually all surface covered with three different kinds of salt – Sea
Salt, Dead Sea Salt and Himalayan Salt. All of which have their own unique health benefits to boast and has so many write ups and review about them.

Aqua Mineral embraces and celebrates the power of nature’s oldest crystal. The Salt rooms provide
you a dry, sterile and pollutant-free environment. Salt therapy is safe non-invasive and is naturally
anti-inflammatory and enriched with negative ions. The more negative ions you are exposed to, the
better and more energized you feel! Salt therapy is recommended as a positive addition to regular
medical care and is offered as an alternative and complimentary healing method, thus expanding
treatment options.

With this launching of the salt room, the Philippines can now enjoy the privileges of having salt
caves like Europe. Visit them at Robinson’s Malate, Gateway Mall and Century City Mall. Usage of the salt room was explained to be at Php3800/hour, but this rate can be discounted or can be waived altogether if you purchase a good number of Aqua Mineral products. For queries on how much you need to buy to get a discount or get it for free, or for any
queries, please contact them at or

Instagram @aquamineralph, Twitter @aquamineral_ph.

Monday, May 09, 2016

Beauty News: Silkygirl Go Matte Lipsticks Are Here!

This post is actually to tell you news about two things. One, Siklygirl is here! The Southeast Asian beauty giant has now made it to Philippine shores. I was told that they are now selling their products in selected Watsons branches, but I have yet to update you guys as to which branches! 

Two, is that their Go Matte lipsticks are now here! These lipsticks are meant to be lightweight, have strong color payoff, and a sophisticated matte finish. These are also meant to be super comfy for all day wear. And the other promise is that these are meant to be long lasting. Plus, it's fragrance free! 

So these are some of all the photos I took. I am so excited to be doing reviews for each of these lipsticks! 

So, as far as I know, for the Philippine territory, Silkygirl's Go Matte lipsticks can be availed in five shades. 

From left to right, they are: 
01- Nearly Nude
02- Wild Pink
03-Siren Red
04- Mystic Rose
06- Exotic Wine

Each lipstick is 4g, and each lipstick will sell for Php279. And if you know me well enough, 04 is my favorite wahahaha. 

I am so excited to be coming back to you guys with reviews, and more details on the color payoff, comfort, and lasting power of these lippies. Stay tuned! 

But for now, rejoice, because we have another affordable yet high quality brand that is now available here!

Saturday, May 07, 2016

Beauty News: L'Oréal Paris Velvet Pinks Color Riche Lipsticks are Here!

Manila, 2016 – The answer to the age-old question of “what is the perfect shade of pink for me” is finally here! L'Oréal Makeup Designer/Paris, the world leader in beauty that brought the critically acclaimed Color Riche Collection Star Matte Reds, invites women to bloom in pink this summer with its newest lipstick line: Color Riche Collection Star Velvet Pinks.

Discover the perfect pink for your skin tone and achieve a sophisticated youthful look with the 7 delicate shades of Color Riche Collection Star Velvet Pinks. “Most Filipinas shy away from pink lipsticks because they think the color looks unnatural on them, or that it’s hard to pull-off because it only suits a few,” shares Bea Dela Torre of L'Oréal Makeup Designer/Paris in the Philippines. “With our newest pink collection, Filipinas can finally have a selection of wearable velvety matte pink lipstick shades that brings a light and fresh effect to anyone’s look. Each shade is custom-made to fit every Filipina skin tone to complement the natural pink shade of their lips”.

Color Riche Collection Star Velvet Pinks was carefully crafted inside the L’Oreal Paris laboratories to create the perfect pink shades. It has a balance of micro-fragments of pearls and pigments that give just the right color intensity, avoiding the chalky effect that gives an unnatural finish. The result is a collection of the most natural blooming pink shades, perfect for every Filipina skin tone.

This new collection comes in seven beautiful shades! Check out the photos! 

Wednesday, May 04, 2016

#ChoosePinks with L'Oréal's Velvet Pinks Collection!

This is a dream come true. That's all I can really say. You guys know how much of a pink lipstick lover I am, so you guys understand how giddy I am deep inside that L'Oréal decided to bless this world with an all pink lipstick collection!!! Say hello to L'Oréal Color Riche Velvet Pinks collection! 

I got this package yesterday and couldn't help but feel kilig because this is the first time I've received roses addressed to me in my whole life!  Like I've gotten roses in school celebrations and promotions, but never roses that were sent specifically to me. The roses were soooo pretty I had to take so many photos of them and with them. So I already took photos of my manicure, our cat, my mom's painting, these lipsticks, and while they are wilting before my eyes as I write this I am already eyeing a rose petal photoshoot hahaha. 

Whoever in L'Oréal proposed this whole pink collection needs a raise and a promotion! And I'm also super happy that since L'Oréal here is becoming even stronger and stronger, the pace of new releases in the Philippines, if I must say, is already almost at par with more powerful Western markets. This excites me so much because there are so many L'Oréal favorites that have yet to reach our islands! 

Sunday, May 01, 2016

Maybelline Lash Sensational Waterproof Mascara Review

It's about time I did a mascara review again here, so here we go! Maybelline's newest offering is their Lash Sensatonal mascara. It promises to lengthen, separate lashes, and create instant volume. But the unique selling proposition is that it intends to give a good amount of length and volume with zero mess and zero clumps, for clump free, beautiful lashes.