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    • Doll Up Mari says

      a lot happened XD it probably just doesn't reflect in the photos as well as in real life… for one a lot of stray hairs were gone, and the stray hairs between my two eyebrows were gone. And then my eyebrows became even because my left eyebrow was previously thinner than the right. I have a super sheepish face so they put in a sharp arch for my eyebrow to make my face stronger…

  1. Unknown says

    Hi! I suddenly felt worried about you after reading this blog. I have my eyebrows done at Hey Sugar! Waxing Salon. The first time I tried it, I super loved it!!! They know how to work with eyebrows. Their eyebrow threading costs P130 only. Plus, they sell castor oil for P190. Castor oils help grow eyebrows, and it can make them fuller. I just thought this might help πŸ™‚ xoxo

    • Doll Up Mari says

      I got eyebrowdery already so I don't need to do castor oil anymore yaaaaaay… but yes it took me so long before I recovered from this…

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