I'm sure that every makeup artist or kikay girl will be able to agree with me that it's definitely a cumbersome aspect of makeup to have to deal with bringing so many bulky items to a venue. This problem is especially true for my lipsticks-- everytime I went out to do makeup, I had to open up each tube just to look for a color. Sometimes I had two shades of one brand so I even had to guess which color I wanted. And sometimes, I end up forgetting that I actually had this lip color to use and end up using a less suitable shade. 

(From Left to right, up to down: Suesh lip colors -- the two big pots, Maybelline maroon lipstick, Ever Bilena wine lip color, Ever Bilena purple lip color, Ever Bilena fucshia lip color, Maybelline light pink lipstick, Estee Lauder light pink lipstick, Lancome red lipstick, Ever Bilena red violet lip color, Honey flavored lip balm, Shiseido hologram lipstick) 

So now, what I have done is to simply buy a metal box and convert it into a magnetic palette. You can see my post on how to create your own magnetic palettes quickly and affordably here. After that, I put in my Suesh lip colors (the two obviously bigger pots) as they naturally are magnetized. 

Then what I did was to simply scrape off all my lip colors from their respective sticks, put them into these small plastic canisters, and put them in the microwave for about a minute (since our microwave is less intense than the average). What comes out is the lipstick in liquid form, and at least it's no longer a random clump of mess in a pot-- it will now harden into a jar of lip color like what you might buy in the store. 

I know microwaving makeup isn't a good thing, but I think this is somehow better than having to deal with bringing these lip colors in all their bulky cases and taking so much time just to look for a lip color. I like this set up because at a glance I can already see almost all the lip color options I have for a client. Unless I start doing makeup in one location (where I can buy racks and racks of lipstick displays), looks like this is the way for me.  

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