Hi everyone! This is my comprehensive review of the NAKED 3 palette! If you're looking for comprehensive as in a really word heavy post on the palette's shades and colors in general, you can check this out and leisurely read. 

In this post, by comprehensive I mean I showed the colors as how they would look like on light skin and dark skin, as you have seen in the above photo. I wanted to illustrate how the shades might look on darker skin tones, so I put dark colored foundation on my arm to be able to swatch on it.
   I would say the obvious and note that the darker 6 shades look better on light skin while the lighter 6 shades look better on dark skin. But heck, this is the NAKED 3 palette, and being the goddess that it is, all the shades look flattering across skintones nonetheless.
My only thoughts are that Strange and Dust may no longer be obvious on skintones lighter than mine... 

And these are the two skintones together in the photos for more visualization. 

I apologize if the shades on the dark skintone as not as accurate as can be as I used foundation before applying the eyeshadows as opposed to the lighter skin swatch where I just applied the eyeshadows as is on my fingers... I hope that this is still a good guide though! 

And for those in the Philippines interested to buy this as well, please refer to this post on the reseller (Beautyholic Manila).

What do you think about the palette? Does it look better on lighter skintones or on darker skintones? Tell me what you think in the comments :D