Hooray for winning a giveaway!!! I joined the giveaway hosted by Yhansy (they're an accessories store) and Dolly Wink (which is distributed by the owners of Yhansy). Basically the contest was about uploading a selfie, and adding in the hashtags #dollywinkgirl and #yhansyglamup to celebrate how fun it is to be a Dolly Wink girl. 

This is the selfie I uploaded on Instagram: 
(I'm posing with my Dolly Wink Cream Eyeshadow, powder eyeshadow quad 01 and eyebrow powder 01) 

I like how generous they are because they had 3 major winners (me and two other girls), and 7 minor winners, for a total of 10 winners in a giveaway. 

I also like how generous they are with the gifts! Since the contest only mentioned that the prizes were gift packs, or like goodie bags, there was no guarantee of what would be inside the gift packs. Given also that there were 3 major winners and 7 minor winners, I also wasn't expecting something this grand. But well, I've never been so wrong in my life because I love my loot!

This is the bag they sent this in, I like how they even put my name and gift wrapped it. 

These are the DW items they sent me. 

I got myself their eyebrow powder in 01, and I'm absolutely stoked about this because I already own one of these and this is really my go-to product most of the time. The powder is pigmented, easy to work with, lasts all day, and most importantly, comes in a color light enough that I can define my eyebrows without looking like I have a mismatched face. I have a really friendly and accommodating looking face (according to everyone I know hahaha) that if I were to only do the eyebrows without full eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara, I often look weird because I have extremely strong and snooty looking eyebrows framing my really meek looking face. With this color, I can do my eyebrows and go easy on the other parts of the face without looking weird afterwards...

I was also sent an eye pencil. This is their eye pencil in black, and though I haven't tried this yet, I love their white eye pencil and I think that this'll also be a beloved addition to my collection. 

Lastly, they sent me a really lovely necklace and a 15% off coupon in their store. 

This'll definitely be a great way to polish an outfit to make it look more sophisticated. It's a bit heavy, but thankfully, it's a necklace (not a pair of earrings), so its mass isn't really a problem. 

Yaaay! Don't forget to like and visit their pages because who knows, they might host a giveaway again soon, and you might win in it! 

Visit their pages here:
Yhansy: https://www.facebook.com/yhansy (@Yhansy on Instagram) 
Dolly Wink Philippines: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dolly-Wink-PH/359081687564347 (@DollyWinkPhilippines on Instagram) 

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