There are just times when I don't know what I'm doing, like today. This isn't really a review of the masks, just me sharing how I use them and which masks I own or have tried so far. 

I love mask sheets in general. I mean, who doesn't? (okay maybe not my family because they get freaked out when they see my face all white and ghostly...) I love how they help to calm my blackheads down and give me nice and supple skin overall. Too bad it'll be too expensive if I used them really often!

I know this is so stingy of me, but in general, when I have a face mask, I squeeze the mask sheet while pulling it out of the bag so that it's just damp and not dripping with the essence. What I do is use the mask sheet, throw it away, but keep the bag. I then use the remaining essence in the bag as my night cream until I consume everything. This way, I get to have really nice skin for up to a week! 

In terms of hygiene the bag remains clean as I do put it in a clean area of our bathroom, and I don't make such a large slit that the essence gets exposed to the elements 24/7. 
And these are the variants I own:

What's your go-to mask sheet? Please do tell me in the comments box!

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