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  1. Unknown says

    I have been wanting for so long to try to color my hair on my own using the Loreal color products but hesitant because I don't know if i will be able to do it by myself or if my desired color will really show up. You know i don not want to waste my money buying things that at the end i do not know how to use or even not been able to use at all.
    I enjoyed reading your article, it helped me to have the courage to color my hair next next weekend since it seems like an easy task and the outcome of the color is really nice. I don't know why if its only me that is afraid to try new things without seeing anyone trying it at first. Also, I realized that its only ignorance or zero knowledge/training that lets people be afraid to do/try things. When people have ample information about a product that is the time that they get decided to try it on theirselves. As the saying goes, to see is to believe.
    Overall the experience shown seems to be enjoying so I wanted to have a try on myself also. Plus seeing Loreal protective serum, protective creme colorant, protective conditioner is a lot of protection. I feel that my hair is safe and in good handes using these colorants makes me more excited.

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