Okaaaaay, so I am sure all of you have seen my long nails one way or another these past few months. I have been getting compliments on my nails non stop since May, when I went to the Cuccio school here in the Philippines. I paid for my schooling and my tools, so this is not a sponsored post. I really just love Cuccio products because I really buy and use them. 

For today I thought I'd show some colors over my gel extensions. In real life, my nails are like the photo with the blue nail polish above-- they look OK but they're much more brittle. I have been on the Cuccio gel extension system since May (and DON'T WORRY I'll be doing just one post on that!) and now this is how it looks like with Cuccio polishes.

This is a nice gray shade called "Quick As A Bunny." What I like about the basic Cuccio polishes (my praises for the gel will come in another post) is that they are thin and wispy in texture so you can make sure it will dry quick enough to avoid chipping. For salon purposes you can also pile up to three layers in general, and when dried properly and with the proper top coat, results can last for more than a week. I couldn't believe that I had the blue manicure on for more than a week given my history of ruining manicures in two days. Like the layers don't pile up into one goop. The layers dry as individual layers per se. So even if the upper layers get scratched, from afar, the lower layers still stay put and render the nail looking like normal. It won't look like what we'd call a chipped nail. 

To be honest, this is actually at the same level as OPI, even better probably, more of this brand really targets professionals and salons over consumers and as such the marketing strategies are different. They really want to hold onto their professional equity. But thankfully, even non salon owners like me can get Cuccio products at the store! Whew! 

This is another pastel shade called "In The Key of Lime." These two colors in particular apply more sheerly, so one may need more layers than the usual to get it to look like this. However, for those who are looking for mellow pastel ones, I think this is already among the nice ones in the market. I have had my fair share of adventures with pastel nail polishes and I feel that somehow, for pastel, this performs exceptionally well already given that the color gets even after a few coats. Other brands that do shades like these take forever to even out wahahah...

If ever you've been dying to try Cuccio all this time, their official distributor is of this address (I go to this place too! This is a nail wonderland hahaha)
G/F Manhattan Bldg. 920 Banawe Street, Quezon City, Philippines 

This store is very responsive to calls so you can check out the info on their Facebook page :)