Happy New Year everyone! I thought I'd do this as my first post for this year as Maybelline is one of the brands that I really love. Brand love aside, I think it's more of a great love for the people who work on the brand, that's why this brand is so close to my heart.   

Sooooo for Christmas, they got me and four of my loved ones theeeese SUUUUUUPER. CUUUUUUUTE. MINIATUUUUUURE. PERSONALIIIIZED. HOLIDAAAAY SOCKS!!!! They asked me like waaaay back to name 4 loved ones I'd like to give a small token to for the holidays, and I didn't really think much of it until the package actually came. Mama was squealing with delight when this came. I thought that it must just be so cute that she was squealing with delight. And yeah it is thaaaat cute. 

So going back, they sent in five baby socks and five lippies and sent suggestions on who would be suited for which lippie. Thanks to Maybelline for always sending me lippies, I was able to have a flexible decision making process as I had several spares beyond this box.

So for the first one, it's for Baby. Baby is my aunt. She's mama's eldest sister. I love my aunts in the mother's side very dearly, for they have always been so supportive and loving of us siblings. They are the complete opposite of the usual Tita of Manila, and I've never felt like I needed to do anything or act in a certain way when I'm with them. They're the people who are always just happy to see us. They never care whether we're fat, ugly, or poorly dressed. They're just happy that we're there with them. 

My mom has two sisters but only one wears lipstick, so at least I only had to weigh in shade selection for one aunt hihi. I chose Maybelline's Rosy Matte in Mat 3 for her because it suits her olive skintone, and because she is the type who is really scared of going for anything out of the ordinary. She's not into bold looks, she's also not very into nudy looks. So the perfect muted rose that's not too loud and not too nude and really just there to give a woman's look an invisible boost is this one. This is also a Liza Soberano favorite so it will never be a wrong decision to give this hahaha. 

Nikki is one of my best friends from college. I have a best friend from high school and a best friend from when I was still in chemistry in college, but she is the only one makeup savvy enough to appreciate something like this. 

Nikki has beautiful, full lips and is into very sophisticated shades so I chose Maybelline's Vivid Matte in Mat 6 for her. This is a wine mauve shade perfect for those who want to up the ante. I also think that this will look good against her fair, porcelain skin. She's my age so she also cares about the whole liquid lipstick shebang, unlike my aunts hahahah. 

Elyza is my mom's good friend. 

She is never seen out of the house without a good red lipstick, so I thought that the red one from Maybelline's lip gradation is the best one in the bunch for her. She has a beautiful deep skintone, and I thought that this is better than the other spare red Maybelline lippies I own because she can at least use the sponge that this comes with in order to tone down her look if the need arises. 

For me, since I brought one lipstick out of my stash for my aunt, the two items left with me are Maybelline's Vivid Matte in Violet Pink and Maybelline Creamy Mattes in Burgundy Blush. I ended up giving the Vivid Matte to my aunt's daughter in law, albeit without a sock, because I thought that it's the perfect hot pink that will suit someone with very fair skin. As for Burgundy Blush, I felt that no one in this particular gift list is suited to this, so that's why I ended up keeping this. 

Finally, for my mom, I chose Maybelline Lasting Lipcolor in Rum Riche. I chose this for her because for one, she already has my Rosy Mattes in Mat 3 and super loves it. She is in love with muted pinks and mauves and I thought that this is the best one for her among the bunch.  

So to summarize, these are the ladies who'll be getting lippies from me. (sorry I was too busy on this blog I haven't given all of these out yet wahahha). My aunt was happy with hers, and from the start my mom no longer cared about the lippies and was just so happy to have her own sock. As for me, I already own almost all these lippies so the spares will serve as good gifts for other people who may not get personalized socks but also deserve good Maybelline items. 

So yaaaay, happy new year! Let's Make It Happen this 2017! 

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