Finally got down to trying a Bond Multiplier!!! So I know the concept is so new that it reckons the question: What exactly is this? 

Weeell, Bond Multiplier ranges are designed to multiply bonds. Yeah that's basically it. But the underlying reason why this needs to exist is because hair coloring and bleaching break the hair's bonds by nature. Adding a bond multiplier to the hair dye/hair bleach to be used means that hair doesn't even get damaged anymore in the first place. This is preventive, not reactive, in that sense. We have seen all possible formats of hair treatments (oil, cream, spray, you name it) and all sorts of names (insert words like "miracle" and "mythical"), but basically, all of these are "reactive." These products basically help you repair or respond to the damage that your coloring or hair chemical treatments have caused. Bond multipliers, on the other hand, prevent damage from ever happening at all. 

So now, what is special with Schwarzkopf's Fibreplex? The claim is that its formulation will help to minimize breakage by up to 94%, will balance the pH of the hair, and will help to create strong structural bonds in the hair strands. It promises all of this without changing the quality of the hair color or product to be used, without altering the outcomes or results of a chemical treatment, and without needing to change the developing time or procedure for a chemical treatment. 

There are several bond multiplier products in the market now, actually. There is Olaplex which you may have heard of by now if you don't live in a cave, and L'Oréal's new Smart Bond which just hit salons a few weeks ago. I was the first to bug the folks from Schwarzkopf Philippines if they had something like this hahaha. This has already been used often in Japan and the US since the beginning of 2016 and I saw the bloggers I was following talk about bond multipliers and stuff, that's why it was a looong wait before it came in the middle (or so) of 2016. 

I personally cannot compare the effects of the three main competing brands as I've only tried Fibreplex so far. But something I can rationally rule out as a superiority of this brand is that it's the most complete range of all. 

So the "important" part of Fibreplex is this No.1 bond booster. This is added to the hair dye/hair bleach/hair chemical in order to keep the hair's integrity and prevent it from breaking in the first place. It interlinks with the hair fibers to enforce strong structural bonds. This will not affect the time you're supposed to spend in a salon because the stylist just needs to add a computed amount of this to whatever chemical will be applied to your hair in accordance with formulae furnished by Schwarzkopf. If your stylist tries to tell you that your treatment will take longer coz of Fibreplex, know that it's not true.

To make it clearer, think of baking as an analogy. This is an add on ingredient added to the mix, but will not increase the number of steps nor will it increase the baking time.

No. 2 is the bond sealer. This is used after the chemical treatment is washed off and the main purpose of this item is to create new bonds in the hair and seal the outer hair surface.  This also fixes the pH balance of the hair. This, like No. 1, is a salon exclusive item as this is not something a consumer will have any business with. 

But the key advantage with Fibreplex is that it has good maintenance products. Any person who undergoes the usage of a bond multiplier should be realistic that the bond multiplier is not the end of it. One should diligently maintain the effects at home through maintenance and after care products. No. 1 and No. 2 are very powerful products, but one must remember that procedures like bleaching in general are soooo damaging to the hair that if one doesn't diligently do maintenance, the chemical treatment's post-salon reactions will take its toll on the hair. Add to that the fact that everyone will get exposed to the sun and the elements and no one will really be able to keep one's hair perfectly protected from everything it should be protected from. That's why maintenance is so important.

Fibreplex has shampoo and this is something its competitors don't have. The shampoo is used in order to match the effects of both No. 1 and No. 2, but is also a home maintenance product. This is going to be very helpful especially if your hair is already damaged prior to having your treatment done, and especially if you had a very invasive treatment like bleaching done. This is also going to save you if you have kinky/coarse hair prior to getting a treatment in order to save your hair from feeling as if it's fried.

There is also the No.3 maintenance treatment to be used twice a week. Your hair will still need intensive treatment in order to maintain its integrity. I know it can be quite hard to understand why you'd still need to buy this. Weren't No. 1 and No.2 supposed to do the job already? Why does one even need this? 

The answer is that Fibreplex, and basically all bond multiplier systems, are created to reinforce bonds and prevent damage. But it doesn't mean that there will be 0% damage altogether. There will still probably be at least 5-15% the damage that a treatment will typically cause, and the take home maintenance is meant to address this 5-15%. As someone who got my hair bleached without any bond multiplier (and therefore experiencing the ensuing wrath of split ends and unpredictable hair), trust me that 85%-90% reduction in damage is sooooo much. If you already had your bleaching done with Fibreplex in the first place, you'd be so lucky to only need this and the shampoo. I have had to use treatments, hair conditioner sprays, hair oils, hair tamers, hair serums, and basically all possible product formats just to keep my hair sane. And even with all that I'm doing, my hair still is full of kinks, split ends, and signs of damage. 

Aaaand so now that we're done with that, lemme explain why I ended up here in the first place. So for one, I think y'all know that my mom has had a long standing relationship with the folks at Top Style, distributors of Schwarzkopf here in the Philippines. We were asking them as to what can be done to remedy my hair. So to backtrack, my hair was a level 7 and then I had it bleached in Korea last September (BTW hair color is characterized by levels, level 1 being black, and depending on the brand, blonde hair can be anywhere from level 10-15). It went from level 7 to 8 at that time when it was newly done. But as time went by, the situation became more and more awkward. The effects of bleach set in and my hair kept on lightening and lightening by itself to the point of reaching almost level 9 (this really happens because life happens and your hair will react to air/sun/water exposure).

My hair did well after a dye job in November because I had it done by a professional who used 6% peroxide. Come February this year, when my mom tried to recolor it, she used 9% peroxide (which we now know is too strong) and the bleached part of my hair just vomited the color off in less than 3 days. It also caused the bleached part to lighten up even more to about level 10. Add to that the fact that my bleach job really just is quite old already and my hair was already becoming super brassy, with my purple shampoo as the only thing stopping the brassiness.

Sooo I got to the point of having 3 inches of chocolate brown hair and like 9 inches of corn colored hair and it was so chaotic. This is what it looks like. So from the scalp downwards, I have 2 inches of super dark brown hair, 1 cm of lighter brown hair because that's what the professional colored on in November, 5 inches of corn hair, and 4 inches of darker corn hair. Chaaaaossss

We initially asked our friends at Schwarzkopf about what to do and the head hair engineer (our love Maida) explained the whole process to me which I recounted to my mom. But my mom's like "Noooo this is too hard for me" and she asked Ms. Maida about what they can possibly do over my hair. Ms. Maida's like "Oh if that is the case let her come over to the office while I'm there so I can fix the problem." HUHU thank you angels who save me from disastrous haiiirrrr!!

I tell her that my peg is to go for dark ash brown hair. I was already leaning towards going all the way back to black, but the folks from Schwarzkopf advised me not to do so because it'll pose the same problems bleach had done for me. So I had my hair bleached not because I wanted to be blonde but because I wanted vivid chocolate hair. I didn't want it to become so light because it was so pale that it felt weird already to me. Despite a lot of people telling me how much they liked it on me, I just wasn't feeling it. Going to level 1 black, they advised, will also just create too much of a contrast between my hair and skin tone and will not lead to desirable results in the end. 


Going back this is how the mixture looks like. Nothing out of the ordinary. Fibreplex looks like any other cream or emulsion out there. 

Ms. Maida proceeds to first use 6% peroxide and Igora Royal 6-0+6-12 to my chocolate brown parts.

We just let the thing sit for 15 minutes or so. 

Without washing my hair, she proceeds to use the same color combination, but this time with 3% peroxide. What I'm doing is called "depositing" in the hair engineer world. Bleaching takes away the color pigments from the hair, or in other words it "lifts" the color off. This time, we're adding color pigments to my hair that has been stripped of it, hence the term "deposit". 

Sooo this is me while waiting. Ms. Maida washed the dye off, used Fibreplex shampoo, and this is the point where I'm having Fibreplex No. 2 on my hair.

She went on with the whole package and went on to also use Fibreplex No. 3 maintenance treatment on my hair.

This is me after everything. Here I am with Ms. Maida. She is actually the real god because her job at Top Style is to train salon technicians and trainers. She trains the trainers. Let that sink in. I can never trust salons more than her because she teaches all the stylists at the salons. I basically just went straight to the source hahaha.

I have also always loved going to Top Style more because they help us standardize the procedures with my hair. Going to different salons means different results each time because of the differences in stylists' opinions, brands used, and products used. I can ask for ash from different salons and come out with different results altogether because hair coloring is not that simple as people think. In an ideal world, everybody comes into the salon with virgin hair and their hair will respond to the products exactly the way that was intended. But in real life, people go to salons because their hair has already had a sharply contrasting regrowth, unintended brassiness, or their hair's integrity altogether might just not be the ideal that the stylist is hoping for. I like that Ms. Maida and the team provide our family an analysis of our hair status and provide us with a list of the products we need to attain our hair goals. We just then buy the items and follow the instructions (but of course please keep in mind my mom is a colorist so that's why she has access).

 Sooo just to recap, this is me before getting dyed. 

 And this is me after I got dyed. 

I am soooo happy with the results!!! I also loved the color sooo much because my hair gives the impression that it's black but it's not. This is a level 6. I found this hairstyle to be suuuper cute and it reminded me a lot of my high school days. I think everyone can relate to the feeling of wanting to experiment so badly because all high schools forbid hair coloring. The moment I got to college I wasted no time experimenting and trying all sorts of hair dye brands and stuff, not really realizing that black-like hair is the best for black haired people. 

If you want to get similar results, ask for Schwarzkopf 6-0 added with 6-12. The swatches of these shades on the manual look dark and dull, but the moment they get to the hair, it has its own kind of vibrance. Don't judge a hair color shade by its swatch (?). 

As for Fibreplex, personally I'm just so thankful that my hair is not any more damaged even after dyeing it again. Your hair is never the same again after bleaching because of how much it damages your hair that you really will want to prevent any more damage to your hair. I'm glad that this has reduced some of the rough patches on my hair, and that in general my hair doesn't feel any worse than it already is (given that I really am a good girl and I use all my maintenance products religiously). 

I think it's worth mentioning now, too, that dyeing my hair dark doesn't mean my hair will magically spring back to normal. I just changed the color, but the bleached part's hair integrity will never be the same. Until I grow out the bleached part and remove it, my hair will stay damaged and will get more damaged on its own. This is why such a treatment is of tantamount importance to me. 

I thought I'd bring that up because people often mistake bleach as a "hair color". Bleach is a hair lifter, meaning it lifts pigments off of the hair. It's not "blonde hair color." It behaves differently altogether compared to mere hair color when it comes to hair damage. Coloring the hair dark with a dark shade merely is all about putting pigments to the hair but it, in no way, will reduce or reverse the damage of bleach. 

If you have coarse/kinky hair and plan to have a chemical treatment, this will be a good idea for you so your hair is manageable after. If you have bleached hair and will recolor your hair again like what I did, you reaaaally need this, too. If you're planning on bleaching your hair, never agree to get it bleached without this (trust me!!!). If you're going for just color, though, I'd say that this is a "good to have" and not a "must have" given that Fibreplex (and all its competitors) come at a premium. 

Soo to end this, a big thank you and a big hug again to our Top Style family for saving me from my hair disaster!!! <3 <3 <3 

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