Indeed, the mirrorless revolution is slowly gaining traction. In recent years, camera phones has led everyone to experiment and then subsequently realize that the perfect selfie can only be achieved with a high performing camera. But then the usual DSLR is so heavy. To save everyone from stiff necks, Canon has been constantly expanding and reinforcing the presence of its mirrorless range. They had workshops not too long ago!

All the attendees of the workshop with the speakers smiling for the camera. People came to meet their idols, learn new things, and vie for a chance to take home a brand new M10 complete with Pikachu strap plushie.

Thank you for the burger! I took this using my M3 and even if the area I was in was dark, this photo turned out fine. For me, Canon's M series is a bit slow when it comes to shutter speed as it only has a screen and has no viewfinder (a separate attachment is available but it doesn't come with the base kit). But when it takes photos, it captures light so well that even in situations where a photo will expectedly turn out poorly, the end result is still always good.

I brought my M3 with me to my mom's high school reunion in February, and even if plenty of other people took photos during the event, my photos of her and her batchmates still ended up being appreciated more. Not that I am a good photographer, but rather the camera captures light so well that they all look prettier, as if they had used a phone photo filter. Those who used their phones got photos that were grainier and darker. The official photographers who used plenty of flash units ended up disappointing them a bit as their wrinkles and fine lines appeared more prominently. The photos I took with my M3 anded up being the best balance of bright, not grainy, and with just the right amount of definition.

Mareng Raiza was also there to give a talk on Vlogging. I think it was nice of her to come over and inspire the crowd as a good number of participants were aspiring bloggers. I know that plenty of aspiring Vloggers buy Canon's G7X as more vloggers use it, but the M series is also a good choice.

Indeed, the grass is always greener on the other side. I used to think that G7X was nicer because it was smaller and more vloggers used it, but when I tried my friend's G7X recently, I realized that the M series is much nicer. Since it has a lens that you can rotate, you can do so much more video wise. I guess the G7X is good for those who do daily vlogs that they need something very very light and very very unobstructive that they can bring literally everythere. But for those who aspire for more artistic vlogs, I realized that I had great tools to begin with after all. The M series' lenses will allow you to explore all sorts of effects and artistic pursuits without the stiff neck.

Conratulations to the winner! Look at the smile on his face he looks like he won the lottery hahaha

Be sure to watch out for workshops coming near you! 

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